Best Battery-Operated Swamp Cooler: 5 Environment-friendly and Energy-Saving Evaporative Cooler

battery powered swamp cooler

Looking for a more environment-friendly way to beat up summer heat? Then, swamp coolers or commonly known as evaporative coolers will help you with it. Swamp coolers, unlike air conditioners, use evaporative water to cool the temperature down; thus, these coolers emit lesser carbon dioxide, which in excess can be detrimental to the ozone layer. … Read more

What Indicates That Foul Weather Is Approaching?

What indicates that foul weather is approaching

Do you know that foul weather is unpredictable and it can dampen your otherwise wonderful camping adventure? However, there are certainly reliable and common indications that can tell whether a storm is coming or not. Some of these indications can even tell the extent of how bad the storm can be.   Therefore, you must know … Read more

How To Choose Battery Powered CPAP For Backpacking

How to choose battery powered cpap backpacking

Diagnosed with sleep apnea and you are worried about how you can take your CPAP therapy along when backpacking? You should not worry much about your condition since there is an option of choosing a battery-powered CPAP backpacking which can help make your trip enjoyable. This guide reviews the best battery powered CPAP backpacking machines … Read more

How to Make Your Own SUV Tent

How to make your own suv tent

When camping, do you know that you should have an ideal tent that suits the occasion? For instance, car camping is an adventurous and convenient activity that can significantly improve your outdoor experience. You may not need a conventional tent that you pitch on the ground since you can utilize an SUV tent.    If you … Read more

Sawyer Mini vs Squeeze Water Filter System: How to Choose the Best?

Sawyer mini vs squeeze water filter system How to choose the best

The water you drink might appear clean but do not forget that it comes from different sources. Even running tape water might contain some particles that are invisible to the naked eye. So if you want to enjoy safe water always, you can utilize a portable water filter system to achieve that goal. For instance, … Read more

Patagonia Nano Puff vs Down Sweater: Which Is the Best

Patagonia nano puff vs down sweater Which is the best

When backpacking, you need the right gear that can keep you comfortable against weather elements that may spoil your expedition. The weather is unpredictable, hence the need to carry a lightweight jacket that can make your life easy when backpacking.  If you are looking for a lightweight jacket that can keep you warm at night, … Read more