How Much Does A Pop Up Camper Weight: Easy Guide For Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Outdoorsy adventurers who are considering purchasing a pop-up camper might be wondering what it weighs and if your vehicle can haul it or not. But, this all depends on the type of camper you buy and the capacity of your car.

Since there’s a lot to consider when looking at these campers, we have compiled an easy guide to get you through it and out on the road. In this guide, we will answer the question of how much does a pop-up camper weighs and if your vehicle can tow it to your camping destination.

Pop Up Camper Definition

A pop-up camper falls under the category of recreational vehicles (RVs), except that they can be towed and collapsed for convenient transportation and storage. While the camper looks small, it offers a vast amount of interior space once you set it up. They are also called tent trailers and fold-out campers.

You can fold the camper into a portable package and move it with your vehicle whenever you go camping. Whether you want to camp in your backyard or drive far, you can depend on these trailers. Pop-up campers are considered budget-friendly alternatives to full-sized trailers or campers. If you only camp a few times or you’re not going with a crowd, you can benefit from using a pop-up camper instead.

Pop Up Camper Definition

What Is the Average Weight Of Pop Up Camper?

While these tent trailers come in different sizes and amenities, it can help to know the average weight and the other weight classes.

The average weight of a pop-up camper is set at 2000 pounds, and it’s essential to check how much it weighs before you start driving to ensure convenience and prevent wear and tear on your vehicle. The larger pop-up campers can weigh as much as 4,500 pounds, but when looking at the small pop-up camper weight, it goes as low as 600 pounds.

There are different weight classes to look at when choosing the camper. The manufacturer will list out the weights in technical terms, and it’s advisable to know what they mean for safe adventures.

  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight

This is the original and lightest weight your pop-up camper will be before adding your gear, and it also accounts for a full fuel tank.

  • Cargo Carrying Capacity

This indicates how much cargo weight the camper can carry. Cargo in this access includes gear, necessities, and water, and it’s important to weigh them all before putting them into the trailer. If they surpass the value given to you by the manufacturer, then you can reduce the load.

  • Gross Axle Weight Rating

This shows the maximum amount that the axels can support without collapsing. The trailer’s axels can only support this amount, and going over it will cause it to fall. It encompasses the gear, water, and camper body.

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Ratio

Finally, we have the weight your car can carry, including the carrying capacity and the hitch’s weight. The carrying capacity consists of the passengers and gear in your vehicle, so it includes not only the pop-up camper you’re carrying but also the weight of that inside.

Can Your Vehicle Tow The Pop Up Camper?

Before buying a tent trailer and attaching it to your vehicle, you will wonder, “How heavy is a pop-up camper?” This is because your car cannot tow all types of campers, and having the wrong weight can lead to damage, slow you down or cause wear and tear on your vehicle.

So, check how much your car can tow presently before shopping for a pop-up camper. If you have no plans to upgrade the towing capacity, make sure you stay below the ratings. You can find information on the towing capacity in the manual by looking up the VIN or checking the make and model of the car online.

Once you know the number, choose a pop-up camper that stays a few hundred pounds below the limit, making room for extra gear and necessities. You can also reduce the risk of wear and tear on your vehicle.

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How Much Does A Pop Up Camper Weight: Easy Guide For Outdoor Enthusiasts

If you use a smaller vehicle, you can check out small pop-up camper weight values and choose that closest to you. But advanced vehicles made for off-roading can take on heavier campers.

Other Factors To Consider Asides From The Weight

Asides from wondering how heavy is a pop-up camper, there are other essential factors that you need to keep in mind before purchase.

For one, you need to check the added features of the camper and choose one based on your needs. You can set up a list of must-haves, whether you’re camping alone, with family or friends. Then, use the list when purchasing your camper. Some basic features include storage space, toilet, hot water, AC, heating, beds, and more.

You should also check how easy the camper is to put together and bring apart. Since tent trailers are convenient, assembly is an essential factor.

The camper’s condition is critical, too, so you should inspect every single part of it before purchasing it. Especially look out for structural damage and buy those that are highly durable and reliable so you can use them for a long time.

Other Factors To Consider Asides From The Weight

Aside from the structural integrity, you should also check if the pop-up camper features are working as they should. You can check when last the amenities were serviced and every other important part of the camper.

The budget you have set for yourself is also essential. While pop-up campers are generally cheaper than full-sized alternatives, they still vary in price depending on the features you get. Ensure you choose a trailer that offers more value for your money.

Last Words To All Campers

Now that you know the answer to the question of how much does a pop-up camper weighs, you can hit the road for your camping adventure. Remember to crosscheck and ensure everything is in place, from the brakes and the trailer lights to the connection between the vehicle and the camper. Remember that your trailer shouldn’t be overweight if you want to drive safely on the road.