How to Choose the Best Walking Shoes for Flat Foot

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Many people who have flat foot often complain about severe back pain they experience after standing for an extended period on the same spot. In some cases, other people complain about pain while walking and this has been attributed to low arches, a condition of the foot that is also called flat feet. 

When the arches of the feet are lower than usual, you experience a condition that is called flat foot. This is when the entire surface of the feet rest on the floor when you are in a standing position. The other section of the foot should be curved so that it does not rest flat on the floor. 

The condition of flat foot can be hereditary or it can be caused by factors such as pregnancy, obesity, aging or other health issues like arthritis, diabetes as well as rheumatoid. However, the good news is that the problem of flat foot is manageable. To mitigate its impacts, it is vital to get the best walking shoes for flat foot. As such, this guide gives you details about the things to consider when you want to buy a product that can satisfy your needs. 

Factors to Consider when Choosing Walking Shoes for Flat Foot

One thing that you should always know is that your feet significantly differ from other people. Therefore, certain types of shoes can perfectly fit other individuals but they may not be the best match for you. When you are choosing walking shoes, you should know what you really want. In other words, your choice of shoes is a matter of personal preference.  

Arch Support

When looking for the best walking shoes for flat foot, you must make sure that they have good arch support. When you have flat feet, you can experience pain from awkward angles or rough terrain. Therefore, you should get shoes with extra padding and physical support that can make it easier for you to walk comfortably for long periods. 

You must ensure that the padding should have a slight bump in the position where the foot arch is supposed to be. You should not that this bump is larger in regular shoes for people with normal arches. This might cause discomfort if you choose this kind of shoes. 


It is, therefore, crucial to look for shoes with a firm, soft and springy padding that can mold into the right shape of your foot. A slight bump is necessary to fit your flat foot naturally. The process of choosing the right shoe can be a matter of trial and error but this will help you to get the right product. 

Durability of the Sole and Shoe Material

A perfect walking shoe should consist of a stiff and highly durable sole that is designed to give you maximum support and comfort when you have a flat foot. In most cases, the manufacturers of these shoes merge different materials with the aim of giving the outer sole a perfect design that is also durable.  

A sole with a multi-surface design offers slip resistance and it also has a soft material that is integrated with specific parts of the sole where pressure can be exerted. The sole should be flexible but also durable at the same time so that it can last longer. 

Apart from considering the durability of the sole, you should also make an effort to choose walking shoes that comprise high-quality dual materials. These materials can include a blend of synthetic mesh material as well as leather on the upper part since these are durable. They also improve the design of the shoes which makes them beautiful. 

How to choose the best walking shoes for flat foot

The interior lining of the shoes should also consist of moisture-wicking material to draw away sweat and also prevent odor.  The moisture-wicking material helps to keep the shoes dry and fresh all the time. It also helps to prevent bacteria build-up which can cause infectious diseases. You must also check if the material of the shoes is breathable. 

Width of the Foot

When you have a flat foot, the major problem that you are likely to encounter pertains to the width of your feet. This is mainly an issue when the lower arch of your foot causes your toes to spread out more. This means that you have to get shoes with a wide toe box with sufficient space for your feet so that you can feel comfortable when you are walking. 

With the right toe box, your toes do not bend when you are walking. However, you must also make sure that the toe box is overly roomy since this can also cause discomfort. It is essential to get the right size of shoes so that you can get maximum comfort when you are walking.  


When you decide to buy walking shoes that will fit your flat foot, it is imperative to consider the element of price. There are different brands of flat shoes available on the market and their prices significantly differ due to a variety of factors. While many people often associate high price with better quality, this is not always the case when it comes to selecting the best walking shoes.

How to choose the best walking shoes for flat foot

Lower prices, on the other hand, do not necessarily mean that the product is of poor quality. You should make an effort to compare different types of products available on the market and choose something that suits your budget as well as needs. Alternatively, you can also utilize customer reviews to get an insight about what other people who have used the product say about it. 

Best Walking Shoes for Flat Foot Reviewed

There are several types of walking shoes for flat feet that you can get from the market. The following brands are among the best types of shoes that you can consider buying. However, you should cast your net wide so that you get the ideal product that satisfies your needs.  

New Balance Men’s Suede 928v3

New Balance is designed to help you stay fresh all day and it is easy to wear. It helps to give you balance and it also has a wonderful design consisting of natural cork and leather uppers. The upper is also designed in such a way that it enhances breathability. 

The shoe is versatile and you can also perform other tasks like athletics. It can help athletes to achieve their goals and you can also walk long distances comfortably. 


  • Durable rubber sole
  • 100 % synthetic/mesh
  • Leather upper
  • Microfiber Wrapped EVA footbed
  • Offers comfort all-day


  • Expensive shoe
  • May not sustain long distances

How to Choose the Best Walking Shoes for Flat Foot

Saucony Women’s Grid Omni Walker Sneaker 

Step into comfort with this Saucony Grid Omni Walker, a high-tech shoe with a bio-mechanical fit that really delivers. Using a Visible Rearfoot Grid System of Hytrel filaments, the Omni Walker offers superior cushioning that goes along with heel-centered stability. It consists of EVA/rubber compound which is responsive, midfoot support bridge, as well as HRC Strobel board that is designed to offer additional stability and cushioning. It also has a Walk Trac rubber outsole that also helps to give you a smooth transition. 


  • Breathable mesh tongue
  • 100% leather and textile
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Rearfoot grid design for stability and cushioning

How to Choose the Best Walking Shoes for Flat Foot

Orthofeet Proven Foot and Heel Pain Relief

Orthofeet Edgewater is doctor recommended and it is ideal athletics since it is designed to give you comfortable arch support. It also offers you excellent protection against pressure points and it has cushioning soles to enhance stability while at the same time improving mobility. 

This is probably the best men’s sneakers for flat feet and it also boasts of other handsome features that help you to get excellent comfort. The wide toe box is also designed to ease pressure while you are walking. 


  • Best orthopedic and diabetic men’s walking shoes
  • Extended widths
  • Affordable 
  • Extra padding for additional comfort
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Stylish

How to Choose the Best Walking Shoes for Flat Foot

Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe

Skechers shoe allows you to improve your walking experience since it is designed to offer you comfort and can perfectly fit your foot. It also helps you walk comfortably on any kind of surface. The major plus for this kind of shoe is that it is lightweight and it is also easy to wear. It is also designed in a way to offer you protection when you are walking in different terrains. 


  • Synthetic sole
  • Lightweight 
  • 100% synthetic and fabric
  • Easy to wear 


  • Designed for women only

How to Choose the Best Walking Shoes for Flat Foot

Rockport Men’s Eureka Walking Shoe

Rockport Men’s Eureka walking shoe combines excellent design with the comfort of walking. The shoe has superior construction for quality heel stability as well as flexibility. The shoe also has a removable footbed that offers support to your arches. You can enjoy the comfort of your shoes all day. The shoe has a versatile design and it also has a breathable mesh lining, thick interior padding as well as a durable rubber sole.


  • Rubber sole
  • Flexible and breathable material
  • Comfortable walking shoes. 

How to Choose the Best Walking Shoes for Flat Foot


The reviewed walking shoes for flat foot above were randomly selected based on a number of factors such as durability, design as well as price. Orthofeet Proven Foot and Heel Pain Relief is the best walking shoes for flat shoes since it is doctor recommended. It also gives you comfortable arch support as well as superior protection against pressure points.