How To Pack A Kayak For Camping?

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In this blog, I will describe one way of packing a kayak for camping.
This is my personal experience and recommendation as to how you can pack your own kayaking gear in order to make the trip more enjoyable along with some tips on how best to load up your boat after getting back from campground trips. Staying hydrated while out in nature is an important part of enjoying the outdoors so hopefully by trying these tips, you’ll be able to improve that process!
The following are instructions on how I packed my Kayak when picnicking over at Chance Reservoir last weekend-

The “sit on top kayak camping” is a type of kayak that allows you to sit on top and enjoy the ride. It’s also easier to pack, as it doesn’t require any extra gear.

How do you pack an overnight kayak?

A: You should pack your kayak by rolling it up tightly and then securing the roll with a bungee cord. Then, you should place the kayak in a large duffel bag and fill the rest of the space with clothes.


Packing a sea kayak is not difficult. It is important to remember that the kayak will be much heavier after it has been packed. The best way to pack a sea kayak is by using air bags and padding. Reference: packing a sea kayak.

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