How to Wear a Boot Knife?

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When you are out in the jungle, you should be prepared for anything to ensure that you survive dangerous situations that you may encounter. A boot knife is one small kit that can help you prepare for such situations to ensure your survival. It is imperative to ensure that the knife is properly mounted on your boot such that it can be easily accessible.

Wondering about how to wear a boot knife? You should always know that properly wearing a boot knife is one of the basic survival skills that you should master so that you are always prepared for dangerous situations. A boot knife is a must-have item that can guarantee your safety when you are in the wilderness. 

However, you should also be in a position to properly wear your boot knife so that you can quickly draw it in case of emergency. Therefore, this guide gives you basic steps that you can follow to properly wear your boot knife.

How to Mount a Boot Knife?

First and foremost, you must choose the right size of knife that will properly fit your boot. The knife should neither be too small or too big. You must also get the right sheath which covers your knife so that you do not tie it directly on your boots since this can damage your shoes. 

There are different methods that you can use to mount a knife on your boot and your choice usually depends on whether you use the right hand or left hand. Therefore, the first step is to decide on the appropriate position that you can mount your knife. If you are right-handed, you must place the knife on the side that is easiest to draw it using your right hand.  

You can also place your knife either inside your boot or outside and your choice depends on how quickly you can retrieve it in case of emergency. You must also make sure that the knife will not cause discomfort so choose the right place where you can mount it.  

Fasten the Knife with a Shoestring

When you have identified the best location to tie your knife, you can use the easiest method where you mount it using a shoestring. This method is simple in that you simply use a shoestring to tie the sheath then secure it on your leg so that it does not fall. You should be careful to avoid over tightening the shoestring around your leg such that it can restrict the flow of blood in your leg.  

You can tie your knife on either side of your preferred boot and this method is a favorite among many people since it is secure. The other advantage of the method is that you can quickly draw your knife and the sheath remains in its original position. You can also easily slide the knife back into the sheath whilst it is still in its original position. 

The method gives you ample time to defend yourself in case of emergency since you can quickly access your knife from the sheath. It is also essential to roll your pants down to conceal the knife mounted on your boot. This will help you to avoid drawing attention from other people around you.  

Buy Special Boots

The other option is to buy special boots that are specially designed and they feature a pocket to hold you’re your knife. This option is simple since you will only need to buy the right type of knife that can easily fit inside the pocket on your boot. The pocket also enables you to easily draw out your knife should you face a life-threatening situation.

Some boots are made of in-built straps comprising of sheath that is designed to hold your knife in position. The only thing you should ensure if you have such kind of boots it to get a knife that can properly fit in the sheath. You can also sew or tap the sheath directly on your boots if you want to avoid the inconveniences of mounting the knife every time you want to go out.    

You can also place your knife inside your boot but you should know that this method has its downsides. It might be troublesome to draw your knife which can pose a danger when you suddenly encounter a dangerous situation in the wilderness. Placing your knife inside the boot can also cause discomfort to your foot so the ideal location for your knife is outside the boot. 

How to wear a boot knife

Tips and tricks

  • Get the right size of knife, neither too small nor too big for the shoes
  • You should keep your knife away from the reach of children and pets
  • Mount the sheath first without a knife
  • Make sure your sheath is mounted in such a way that you can quickly pull out your knife in a single move
  • Be careful to avoid attracting attention
  • Avoid using your knife when you feel that you are off-balance
  • Make sure that the sheath is always safely mounted on your boot 
  • Always remove your knife from the boot when you are home and keep it in a safe place

How to wear a boot knife


I hope you have enjoyed the step by step tutorial about how to wear a boot knife. Essentially, you should always prioritize your safety first so that you do not get injured in case of an unprecedented mishap. It is also crucial to ensure that you mount the knife in such a way that you can quickly retrieve it when you are in a dangerous situation.

More importantly, always make sure that your knife is concealed to avoid drawing the attention of other people. You should be the only person who knows about the knife mounted on your boot to protect your life when you are in the jungle. However, you should verify the laws about boot knives in your state. What’s your take on the tutorial? You can share your comments below.