How to Break in Chacos Fast 

How to Break in Chacos Fast

If you’ve got yourself new Chacos, then you don’t want to wait till you go out on the trail before you break them in.  It can be hard for first-timers to know how to break in their Chaco sandal fast which is why we have written this article to guide you. I am a big … Read more

Happier Camper Review: A Small Camper with Dry Flush Toilet 

Happier Camper Review A Small Camper with Dry Flush Toilet

There are a lot of reasons why a lot of folks trust the Happier Camper. From their lightweight design to their comfortable interiors, no wonder it is becoming a popular choice among trailer homeowners. They are different models available for purchase and you can easily attach each one of them to your car and drive … Read more

How Find Leak in Air Mattress and How to Fix It

How Find Leak in Air Mattress and How to Fix It

When you often use an air mattress during your camping adventure, some time you are likely to encounter the challenge of air leaks. When your mattress is leaking air, it can go flat anytime and you may not enjoy your rest. However, a leak does not necessarily mean that you should buy a new mattress.  … Read more

Tent Footprint Vs Tarp: Which One Is Better?

Tent footprint vs tarp Which one is better

A tent is very important when going camping since this would be your temporary shelter. Buying a tent is a very good investment and you should choose wisely, so you can get long-lasting equipment. You can protect your tent against undesired elements using either footprint or tarp. These components help to protect you inside the tent … Read more

How to Get Burrs out of Clothing

How to get burrs out of clothing

When you are hiking, you will directly get into contact with vegetation including weeds, trees as well as bushes as you move around. Some of these plants consist of burrs which can stick to your clothes especially those with soft fabric like cotton or wool. Burrs have tiny and sharp bristles that may be irritating … Read more

How to Mouse Proof a Camper

How to Mouse Proof a Camper

How can you keep rodents out of your RV? One of the problems of living outside in your camper is that you occasionally get visited by rodents such as rats and raccoons. With simple tricks, you can rodent-proof your camper without much stress. In this article, we will be talking about how to mouse proof … Read more

What Are the Pros and Cons of Pop up Campers?

What are the pros and cons of pop up campers

There are certain things that you should know if you want to a pop-up camper. For instance, pop-up campers come with floors, amenities as well as roofs and walls. Nonetheless, pop-up tents are labor-intensive, designed for short term travel and represent primitive camping.  Besides these factors, pop up campers can be both exciting and disappointing … Read more

How Long does MRE last?

How long does mre last

MRE or “Meal Ready to Eat” constitutes food supply rations that have comprehensive food supplies within the package that one can consume during emergencies.  In the event that disaster or uncertainties strike, an MRE becomes handy and it can be your savior when you cannot access regular supplies of food.  A single MRE is said … Read more

How Hot does a Campfire get?

How hot does a campfire get

When you are camping, campfire is always a good thing to have since you can use it to keep yourself warm. The temperature can be biting at times such that your sleeping gear can serve little purpose. You can also use a campfire for cooking but it is essential to know that fire can be … Read more