How to Choose The Best Backpacking Pillow

how to choose the best backpacking pillow

Backpacking is an exciting adventure but you must have the right gear that can help you enjoy it. To enjoy super resting time especially at night, you need a proper backpacking pillow. As the name suggests, you must choose a pillow that you can easily carry from place to place during your trip.  There are … Read more

Can you Drink Rainwater? 

Can you Drink Rainwater

Can you drink rainwater? You must have asked this question at a point in time. It could be while staring outside of your bedroom window during a heavy downpour or you just thought it wise to seek answers. There are numerous ways you can benefit from rainwater but can it be safe for use as … Read more

How to Use a Compass?

How to use a compass

A compass is one of the most vital navigation tools that any ardent hiker should own. A compass is amazing in that it does not require any batteries for power and it also works with or without a map. A compass becomes handy when you have lost your trek or when you want to find … Read more

Why to Use Solar Powered Gadgets for Camping

Why to Use Solar Powered Gadgets for Camping

Camping is a wonderful experience if you have the right equipment to use during your adventure. Power is a basic thing that you should have to use in the operation of various gadgets such as the lighting system, cooking as well as charging devices like smartphones. When camping, solar power is the most ideal source … Read more

How to Choose the Best Men’s Sandals for Walking

How to choose the best men's sandals for walking

Sandals are essential especially when you are on a camping trip that requires a lot of walking in different terrains. Sandals are the best alternatives to hiking shoes since they are designed to give you quality comfort and support. Therefore, if you want to choose the best men’s sandals for walking, there are different factors … Read more

Significance of AC boot for Tents

Significance of AC boot for tents

Camping in summer is fantastic but the heat can be overwhelming inside tour tent. It can be extremely hot inside the tent but you can use AC Boot, your ultimate companion to comfortable camping.  There are many benefits that you can get from using a tent with an AC Boot. There are certain features that … Read more