Significance of AC boot for Tents

Last Updated on May 30, 2022 by Ecorf

Camping in summer is fantastic but the heat can be overwhelming inside tour tent. It can be extremely hot inside the tent but you can use AC Boot, your ultimate companion to comfortable camping.  There are many benefits that you can get from using a tent with an AC Boot. There are certain features that you should know about this AC unit that can make your summer camping comfortable. 

What is AC Boot?

If you are new to camping you may be wondering what an AC Boot is? To ardent campers, you need tips that can help you to get the right gadget when camping during summer when it is hot. Basically, AC Boot is a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system that is designed to give outdoor tent users comfortable indoor air quality. 

Traditionally, outdoor tents did not have this handsome feature that helps to cool your tent when it is hot. A standard tent requires an air conditioner between 5000 to 8000 BTUs and you can enjoy the luxury of a cool atmosphere inside your tent. 


If you truly love camping, then an AC Boot unit is essential since it can help improve your camping experience when the weather is hot. The gadget is also ideal for party tents but one thing that you should remember is the size of your tent. Camping tents come in different sizes, hence the need to get an air conditioning unit that can cool your tent so that you can enjoy your adventure.    

Choosing an AC Boot

When buying an AC, make sure that it suits the size of the tent that you already have. If you already have an AC, then check its specifications so that you buy a tent with the right size for the gadget to cool it. There are some air conditioning units that are small such that you can operate them using batteries but you cannot expect them to cool large tents.  

On each AC, the number of BTUs is written and this helps to keep the tent cool. Northcool provides more details about what you should know when using your AC. Normally, most tents require air conditioning units with about 6000 BTU’s and not more than that. Therefore, when you are choosing your AC unit, you must consider the size of your tent so that you get the right product. 

How Does It Work?

The AC Boot helps you to enjoy tent camping even if the weather is hot. The unit provides you weatherproof access to air conditioning system just like you are at home. The air conditioning unit is placed outside the tent and it also presents a neat appearance to your tent. 

The AC Boot uses an elastic drawstring to attach to the air conditioning unit while at the same time securing it to prevent it from damage. Installing the AC Boot is very simple as long as you follow the instructions. The gadget comes with an instruction manual that gives you steps that you should follow when installing it on your camping tent.  

The AC boot unit is designed to make your tent feel like an air-conditioned home. The unit can even produce cold air and you need to control the temperature using a remote controller. The system is also smart in that you can perform various tasks without touching the gadget. 

The other important feature about the AC Boot kit is that it comes with a drip tray that you should empty periodically. The tray plays a pivotal role when the weather condition is humid and consists of a lot of moisture. 

When the tray is full, the unit consists of a self shut which gives you peace of mind when you are sleeping. You are assured that you will not wake up the following day in a pool of water.  You only need to check the tray before you sleep so that you can enjoy a perfect night.

The other feature about the AC Boot is that it can also use an exhaust pipe to emit moisture into the air.   In other words, the unit is convenient in that when it is not humid, it can self operate such that you do not need to constantly pay attention on its drip tray.  

Portable and Durable

The Official AC Boot is made of durable 400 Denier Nylon packcloth which also lasts long. This means that you will save money in the long run since you can use this unit over a long period.  The system is also safe and secure since you can access the security enclosure from the interior of the tent when the AC unit is not in use. 

While nylon is durable, canvas material on your tent is ideal since it is good at keeping temperature compared to the former. The majority of nylon tents have mesh ceilings which allow cold air to escape easily. 

You may also be interested in the portability of the AC Boot which makes it easy to carry from place to place. It also comes on caster wheels which make it easy to move around to the desired position. You can also use this air conditioning at home too since it serves the same purpose. It has a window installation kit that is very easy to install. 

The AC Boot is inexpensive and it can make the interior of your tent cool such that it can beat the excessive heat prevailing outside. The other notable aspect about the cooling system is that it can attach to any type of tent. Therefore, if you already have a tent with an AC port, then you just need to get an air conditioning unit with the right size.


Summer camping can be awesome but the problem is that it can be extremely hot inside the tent. To address this challenge, you can get an AC Boot that can help to cool your tent so that you can enjoy the camping experience. The air conditioning system is versatile and it can fit in any type of tent.