What Indicates That Foul Weather Is Approaching?

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Do you know that foul weather is unpredictable and it can dampen your otherwise wonderful camping adventure? However, there are certainly reliable and common indications that can tell whether a storm is coming or not. Some of these indications can even tell the extent of how bad the storm can be.  

Therefore, you must know what indicates that foul weather is coming in order to be on the safe side while you are out camping.  This article highlights some of the factors that can help you to determine whether a storm is coming or not. 

How to Predict Weather Changes

Weather forecasts offered by meteorologists often provide reliable weather predictions that can help us plan our journeys. However, some weather changes are sudden and they can lead to damage to property or loss of life. In case you miss certain weather updates, there are specific indications that you should check to predict the weather outlook. 

Digital technology like television helps to provide weather forecasts but it might not be readily available when you are camping somewhere away from home. In such a scenario, it can be noted that observational skills can help you to predict some weather changes that can help you to take safety precautions to avoid being caught unaware. 

Check the Clouds  

One of the best and most traditional methods of checking whether is through observation of the clouds. A bright blue sky indicates that the weather is fine but if you observe dark clouds developing, that would be an indication of an approaching storm.  

Darks clouds are usually accompanied by lighting and you should be very careful when you observe these. You need to make sure that you have proper cover since a storm would be fast approaching. You must also have an idea of different types of clouds to be able to predict if foul weather is on its way. 

Nimbostratus clouds appear dark grey and they are formed in multiple layers. These clouds indicate continuous rain or snow and the sun and moon are not visible when these clouds are there. 

What indicates that foul weather is approaching

Stratocumulus clouds usually form closer to the earth and they also indicate that a storm is forming and it might be moving towards you or away from you. Cirrus clouds form at high altitude and they are formed by the deposition of water vapor. If you camp at high altitude, these clouds can be an indication of unpleasant weather approaching. 

The color of the sky can also help you predict if foul weather is about to approach. For instance, if you see the sky turning red during sunset, then you must know that it is an indication of high pressure which is associated with warm weather. 

If you notice a red sky in the morning, then it is an indication of low pressure. Low-pressure systems are usually associated with rain and other unstable conditions. If you notice these changes you need to be alert since the weather can change any time. 

Check the Behavior of Animals: 

Animals are capable of predicting weather better than humans since they can sense the movement of air pressure. For instance, birds can quickly change their behavior once they detect some changes in the weather. If you do not see any birds flying then you should know that awful weather is approaching. 

In a similar fashion, if you do not see bees buzzing around you, this shows that poor weather would be approaching. Butterflies also disappear when they detect a storm approaching. Both red and black ants can also help you predict bad weather. If you see them building mounds, you must know that bad weather is coming. They will be preparing for safety when a storm finally approaches. When a storm is approaching, dogs can also display some kind of anxiety. 

What indicates that foul weather is approaching

The Smell of the Air

You can also tell the atmospheric condition by changes in the smell of the air. When a storm is approaching, the smell of the air is usually damp and humid. The wind brings the scent of rain so this should be an obvious way of predicting any weather conditions and changes while you are camping. 

If you are closer to an ocean, you can also predict foul weather by observing its waves. High waves and swelling ocean indicate that foul weather is approaching hence the need to take safety precautions if you are away from home.  

Temperature Changes 

You can also monitor temperature changes to determine whether foul weather is approaching or not. In most cases, when the temperature rapidly drops, this would be a clear sign that a severe storm might be approaching. When warm and cold winds from different fronts collide, the result is a rapid decline in temperature which indicates that a storm would be fast approaching. 

How to Prepare for a Storm?

Thunderstorms can be very dangerous and they can quickly approach in some instances. Depending on where you are when a thunderstorm approaches, there are safety precautions that you should take to stay out of harm. If you are driving and you are caught up in a hurricane, you should pull out of the way and park your vehicle until the storm subsidizes. 

What indicates that foul weather is approaching

If the storm is characterized by lightning, it is imperative to ensure that you are not the tallest object or you stand closer to the tallest object. You should also seek grounded shelter or you can stay inside your car. You must also move to higher ground to avoid low lying areas that are prone to flooding.    


Foul weather can dampen your wonderful camping expedition if you are caught unaware. While weather forecasts by meteorologists offer reliable predictions about the state of the weather, you may not be able to access these timely reports when you are out camping. 

However, there are different methods that you can use to predict the wind direction and whether foul weather is approaching. I hope you have enjoyed reading this informative piece. You can leave your comments below or share the article with other camping enthusiasts.