Are Chacos Good for Hiking?

Last Updated on June 11, 2022 by Cristina

Chacos are popular shoes thanks to their comfy builds and practical designs. However, you may wonder, are Chacos good for hiking?

Unlike most sandals, Chacos are meant to be comfortable walking shoes. They come in different styles to best suit the needs of different people. Their unique builds are ideal for those who love the great outdoors.

Are Chacos Good For Hiking?

Yes, Chacos are great shoes to wear for hiking. Though they are sandals, they are designed to provide your feet with support, comfort, and protection. The durable outsoles provide traction, while the sturdy straps provide stability.

Chacos are ideal for all sorts of terrains including rocky trails, beaches, and desserts. They are less likely to give you blisters, but will still give your feet the support they need while hiking. Chacos are also lightweight, so your feet won’t get as tired or sore.

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The straps of Chacos can be adjusted to securely fit your feet, so you don’t have to worry about them sliding off. They are more breathable than hiking boots, so you don’t have to deal with sweaty feet. In addition, you don’t have to worry about dealing with wet socks when crossing creeks or puddles.

Chacos are available in men, women, and children sizes. The sandals come in many fun colors and styles, all of which are great for wearing outdoors. Some sandals even have a closed-toe option, which provides more protection from stream beds and rocky debris.

The Benefits Of Wearing Chacos

Whether for wearing out on the trails, to the beach or for everyday wear, Chacos are a wonderful option. Their unique designs make them much more practical for outdoor wear than cheap sandals.

Chacos have a sticky rubber outsole, which is designed to provide traction even in wet, slippery conditions. The contoured arch support provides comfort all day long, so your feet won’t become fatigued. They have a durable build, as they are designed to last years of regular wear.

The Benefits of Wearing Chacos

The adjustable straps provide a stable, secure fit to provide hours of comfortable wear at a time. Straps are available in different styles including toe loop, single or double straps. This allows you to get the exact fit you want.

When Not To Wear Chaco Sandals

Though Chaco sandals can be a great option for hiking, in some cases they are not the best choice. Some trails require a sturdy closed-toe shoe due to the terrain and environment. In addition, if you are hiking somewhere cold and/or snowy, you will want to wear boots to keep your feet warm and protected.

Other Types Of Chacos

Though people most commonly associate Chaco with sandals, as it was they are best known for, they also make other styles of shoes. They also make boots and shoes, many of which are great for wearing outdoors. Their boots and shoes are versatile, making them great for different weather and terrains.

Other Types of Chacos

If you are looking for hiking shoes that fully cover your feet, they have some great waterproof boots and athletic shoes. They provide the same great comfort and durability as sandals, but with more protection. They are a great choice for hiking in colder climates or in more rugged areas where you want a closed toe.

Repairing Or Replacing Your Chacos

In order to reduce waste in landfills, Chaco offers a program to repair your sandals. If over time a strap breaks or the soles get worn down, you can send your shoes in for repair. Chaco can fix your sandals without having to replace the entire thing.

Not only does this save you money, but it also helps the environment. In 2019, Chaco repaired almost 25,000 pairs of sandals. Not only can they replace the soles, but they can also lengthen, shorten, stitch and replace straps on any Chaco Z/Sandal.

A Wonderful Hiking Shoe

Thanks to their durability, contoured arch support, sticky rubber outsole, and adjustable straps, Chaco sandals are a great option to wear for hiking. They provide the traction and support your feet need out on the trails while also being breathable. In addition, they are also great to wear white water rafting, to the beach or even every day.

Chaco also makes more than just sandals. They offer boots and athletic shoes that are also ideal to wear for hiking or other outdoor activities. Their shoes are a wonderful option to own for anyone with a sense of adventure.

Do you have any questions about wearing Chacos for hiking? If so, please ask your questions in the comments down below.