Why Are YETIs So Expensive?

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YETI is well-known for making high-quality coolers. They are a popular brand among outdoor enthusiasts. However, if you ever considered getting one, you may have wondered, why are YETIs so expensive?

YETI was founded in 2006 and has since become an iconic brand in America. Based in Austin, Texas, the company was founded by the Seiders brothers. As avid outdoorsmen, the brothers felt there weren’t any quality coolers on the market capable of keeping their catches, kills, beverages, and food cold for long enough.

Their solution to this problem was to make their own brand of coolers. So, the brothers partnered up with a factory in the Philippines to create indestructible coolers with superior ice retention.

Why Are YETIs So Expensive?

The quality, manufacturing, unique technology, and marketing all contribute to the high price tag of a YETI.  Compared to other brands of coolers that may sell for around $40-80, YETI coolers start at $200, going all the way up to $1,300.

To many outdoorsmen, YETI is the ‘it’ cooler to have. Not only do they keep your drinks cool for hours on end, but many consider them cool and trendy to own. Despite their high prices, they are continually growing as a brand, as many people are eager to own one.

YETIs are Expensive


Just by looking at a YETI, you can tell they are a quality brand. Their durable design makes them virtually indestructible. They are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, as they are great for camping, hunting, and fishing.

Unlike cheaper cooler that are practical for picnics or hiking, YETIs have a higher quality build. They are able to withstand rugged conditions. all while staying cold for several hours longer than cheaper brands.

Manufacturing And Unique Technology

One of the biggest reasons why YETIs are so expensive is because of their manufacturing. They are made with a unique material called rotomolded polyethylene.  This material is more costly to manufacture, but it produces a better cooler.

The rotomolded polyethylene not only makes the cooler more durable but also does a better job at keeping things colder for longer. To make rotomolded polyethylene, the process consists of using a high temperature and low pressure to create one piece of hollow plastic.

Manufacturing and Unique Technology

Roromodling is the same process designers use when making kayaks. To make them, the shell is pressure injected with commercial-grade polyurethane foam.

In addition, the coolers include a full-frame, gasket that is freezer-quality. This seals around the entire lid, minimizing air exchange. Unlike styrofoam coolers, YETIs are able to stay at a cooler temperature for a long period of time.


A lot goes into marketing YETI coolers. Their highly effective marketing has allowed them to soar in popularity.

Through ambassadors and clever marketing campaigns, they have built their image to be a must-have for avid adventurers.  They are an aspirational brand, meaning people are willing to pay a premium for them even though there are cheaper options on the market.

Though they once gave away stickers and t-shirts with cooler purchases, those items are now available only at a premium price. People are eager to own YETI merchandise, as they want to be a part of the brand image.

Benefits Of Owning A YETI

Though YETIs are expensive, you are getting a quality cooler. They have the ability to keep beverages and food packed with ice-cold for 3-5 days. In ideal conditions, they can even hold ice for up to 7-10 days.

Though they are an investment, they are great for bringing on any camping or hunting trip. They are reliable and are made to last.

In addition to coolers, YETI also makes drinkware, bags, cargo, apparel, and accessories. Their drinkware is quickly growing in popularity, as it can keep drinks hot or cold for several hours.  They can keep drinks hot for up to six hours or cold for up to 1-2 days.

YETI Tundra 45 Cooler

Why Are YETIs So Expensive?

Expensive Yet Practical – Why Are YETIs So Expensive

If you’re in the market for a cooler, you’ve likely come across YETIs. The price of these coolers may be shocking to you, but there are reasons behind it. YETIs are expensive because of their quality, manufacturing, unique technology, and marketing.

They are much sturdier than your average cooler and will keep food and drinks colder for much longer. They are made particularly for outdoorsmen, who need a quality product that will withstand the great outdoors. Their unique builds and brand image set them apart, making them highly desirable.

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