Best Sandals for Outdoor Activities 

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Are you looking for the best sandals for backpacking? Shoes may not always be the best option when you’re out to take on an adventure, as your adventures may involve passing through water or getting exposed to the sun. Especially during the summertime, your feet should be able to breathe enough on your planned backpacking adventure.  

If you desire to enjoy your travel, it is very important to choose sandals that fit you. In this article, we are going to go into details on choosing the right sandal for your next backpacking trip.  

What are the Things you Have to Consider When Choosing a Pair of Sandals? 


When choosing a pair of sandals especially for outdoor activities, you should consider comfort primarily. Make sure you choose a size that fits your feet well. Choose a side that won’t slip your toes or heels off during a long walk so you won’t have to go home with injured feet. 

Design: Closed-Toe or an Open-Toe  

  • A closed-toe sandal will offer you more protection when going through a rough hike, while an open-toe sandal will expose your toes to dangers from rough terrain. 
  • If you are going through a hot day, wearing a pair of open-toe sandals can be an advantage. 
  • Open-toe sandals are the best option when your adventure involves a lot of water activities such as canoeing, passing through rivers, walking on the shore, and etc.  


The price will always matter for most of us, but buying a good quality pair of sandals for an expensive price is always better than buying a cheap pair that will only lead to your inconvenience during your outdoor adventure. It is advisable to canvass the prices and the quality of sandals in different stores so you can make the most out of your hard-earned money and buy a good pair of sandals for the right price.   

What are the Benefits of Using Sandals when Going on a Backpacking Trip?  

  • Sandals can be lightweight, which means you will only have to expend lesser energy at some distance compared to using shoes. 
  • You’ll have lesser possibilities of getting blisters when going on a long hike. 
  • You don’t have to worry much when your sandals get wet. 
  • If you have sweaty feet problems, wearing sandals can be a solution to this problem as your feet are allowed to breathe. 

What are the Qualities You Should Look For in a Pair of Sandals?  

Adjustable Straps

Owning a sandal with adjustable straps is convenient when hiking. These straps allow you to relieve the pressure on some parts of your feet that are already swollen and sore from a long trip. Moreover, straps also give you the option of wearing socks if in case the weather gets too cold. 

Best Sandals for Outdoor Activities

Shock-absorbing Features 

Having sandals with shock-absorbing features is very important so that when you are walking through rough terrain, or when you are walking a very long-distance trip, there will be lesser pressure on your joints that will prevent injuries along the way. Sandals that have EVA/ethylene vinyl acetate or a foamed middle sole that can support your arch are suggestible. Using this type of sandals will contribute to a more comfortable hiking experience. 

Sandal Durability

The sandals you choose be strong enough to withstand the stresses you will encounter on your outdoor adventure or backpacking adventure. It is very essential that they are made up of high-quality materials such as leather, rubber, and EVA to be able to survive. It should be created in a way that water is not able to penetrate it. 

Sandal Grip

As you go on with your trip, you may pass through some slippery terrains, therefore, the sandals that you should wear need to have an ability to get a hold of slippery or muddy terrain.   

Why are Sandals Better than Shoes for Outdoor Activities?  

  • You don’t have to worry about smelly feet when using sandals, especially when engaging in intense outdoor activities on a hot summer day. 
  • Sandals are more accessible than shoes, you can easily take them off when you want to and this saves you some time. 
  • You are more at risk for fungal infections with closed shoes as fungi love warm, moist, and damp areas such as a sweaty sneaker. 
  • Compared to shoes, sandals are lighter and easier to carry around especially when traveling from one place to another. It saves you some weight for your baggage allowance. 
  • You can easily walk on water with the use of sandals as sandals are made exactly for this purpose. 
  • Long periods of walking can cause temporary swelling of your feet, using sandals give your feet some room to grow thus providing comfort. 
  • Even though they are open, sandals can be as durable as shoes and can provide you with the stability you need to overcome some obstacles on your adventures. 

Best Sandals for Outdoor Activities

Watch this short video for more information on why sandals are the ideal footwear for outdoor activities.

5 Amazon Products You Should Consider Buying 

Swiftwater Mesh Sandal 

These sandals are specifically designed for men. These sandals are very comfortable to wear, lightweight and are flexible enough for your outdoor adventures. Plus, it is designed to keep water away from your feet. Moreover, this sandal can offer a good grip on any difficult terrain you might encounter. 


  • Very comfortable 
  • A very stable footwear 
  • Breathable 
  • Good traction 
  • Offers toe protection 
  • Fits wide feet 


  • Not advisable on sandy beaches 
  • The rubber material that makes feet sweat

Best Sandals for Outdoor Activities 

Sanborn Sandal

These pair of sandals are designed for women’s feet, these sandals are 100% textile with heels that are only about 1” in height. They are made up of EVA for a comfortable cushioned fit. Moreover, this product is good for water adventures as it dries up very quickly after getting wet. It is very easy to wear and very easy to take off. 


  • Very comfortable 
  • Perfect for a long hike 
  • Affordable 
  • Durable 


  • The grip is not too strong 
  • Not suitable for wide feet

Best Sandals for Outdoor Activities 

Teva Original

These pairs of sandals are suitable for men’s feet that are prone to having a bad odor as it has a “Microban zinc-based odor-resistant treatment”. It is composed of a comfortable footbed that is cushioned with EVA. It has a good grip because of its synthetic sole and it is good for outdoor activities involving water. Moreover, it is easy to take off and wear on with its many hooks-and-loops. 


  • Effectively absorbs shock 
  • It has an arch support 
  • Durable 
  • Good strapping system 


  • Squeaks after long periods of walking 
  • Problems concerning sizes 

Best Sandals for Outdoor Activities 

ECCO Women’s Sandal

A lightweight sandal with an EVA footbed that provides cushioning and upper stability. It has “nubuck” uppers and a sole made up of rubber with outsoles that have omnidirectional features and two hooks and loops. Plus, it has a receptor system that allows greater stability and support from mid-stance to toe-off. Moreover, it’s cover is made up of Soft microfibre providing you with great comfort. 


  • Good for long walks
  • Stylish 
  • Durable 
  • Comfortable enough 


  • Not suitable for wide feet 
  • Some quality issues 
  • Not enough arch support 

Best Sandals for Outdoor Activities 

Viakix Women Sandals

A stylish pair of sandals that gives you that fabulous look. It has adjustable straps on its forefoot that can be suitable for wide feet women. It is cushioned with an EVA foam on its middle sole with arch support that provides comfort and allows shock absorption. Plus, they are lightweight which is perfect for carrying anywhere you might want to go. Also, it can be used in watery trails because of its fast-drying feature. Moreover, they are made up of high-quality materials that make them durable yet flexible. Just choose the right size with their provided guidelines for the perfect fit. 


  • Suitable for wide feet 
  • Fashionable 
  • Lightweight 
  • Adjustable straps 
  • Affordable 
  • Comfortable enough 


  • Not for sensitive feet

Best Sandals for Outdoor Activities 


The best pair of sandals suitable for men are the Teva Original as it has almost all the qualities of a good pair of sandals such as its durability, shock-absorbing feature, adjustable strapping system, and effective arch support.  

On the other hand, the best pair of sandals women should choose is Viakix Women Sandals, as they provide you with style and comfort. Women, as we know in general, are more concerned with fashion compared to men. These sandals do not only provide comfort but also style, so it is very suitable for women who are picky when it comes to footwear fashion. Plus, it’s comfortable enough with its adjustable straps. Moreover, they are affordable knowing the quality that they offer. 

Sandals can be just as effective as shoes. Choosing the right sandals can be easy as long as you know what you need to search for in a pair of sandals. The abovementioned information about the qualities and perquisites of a good sandal will surely help you find your best fit. Consider choosing from the products listed above as many have already been satisfied with those purchases.