Best Waterproof Tents 2021

Best Waterproof Tents 2019

There’s no disputing that outdoor events are thrilling for many people all over the world. What could be as exciting as spending some time off duty in a location where you get to have first-hand access to the beauties of nature? Not forgetting that you may have to spend some days in your preferred destination. … Read more

Top Rated Pop-up Campers of 2021

Top rated Pop-up Campers of 2019

Pop-up campers are becoming more popular among people who love camping outdoors. The reason for the rise in demand could be because a camper is bigger than a tent and smaller than a trailer. This makes it a good option if you a looking for a camping solution with more space. Are you interested in … Read more

Best Battery-Operated Swamp Cooler: 5 Environment-friendly and Energy-Saving Evaporative Cooler

battery powered swamp cooler

Looking for a more environment-friendly way to beat up summer heat? Then, swamp coolers or commonly known as evaporative coolers will help you with it. Swamp coolers, unlike air conditioners, use evaporative water to cool the temperature down; thus, these coolers emit lesser carbon dioxide, which in excess can be detrimental to the ozone layer. … Read more

What Indicates That Foul Weather Is Approaching?

What indicates that foul weather is approaching

Do you know that foul weather is unpredictable and it can dampen your otherwise wonderful camping adventure? However, there are certainly reliable and common indications that can tell whether a storm is coming or not. Some of these indications can even tell the extent of how bad the storm can be.   Therefore, you must know … Read more

How To Choose Battery Powered CPAP For Backpacking

How to choose battery powered cpap backpacking

Diagnosed with sleep apnea and you are worried about how you can take your CPAP therapy along when backpacking? You should not worry much about your condition since there is an option of choosing a battery-powered CPAP backpacking which can help make your trip enjoyable. This guide reviews the best battery powered CPAP backpacking machines … Read more