Campfire Games for families

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Camping can be fun for every member of the family; it doesn’t matter the location or time of year; it provides both kids and adults a great bonding opportunity. 

Are you planning a family vacation or will be camping out in the woods? You will find the campfire games for families below to be highly useful. 

There is so much to do while outdoors. Go hiking, mountain climbing, swimming, or hunting, but when it gets dark, all the fun doesn’t have to end. Campfire games also top the list of fun things to do when camping with family and friends. 

So without wasting any more time, here are some fun games for those burn fire camp nights. 

Campfire Games for Families 

Not all games are safe for kids to partake in, so you should read through the details of each game. So here we go. 

  • Continue Story Game 

If you are looking for a game that every member of the family can play, then you should try the continue story game. It is easy to understand, all it takes is for one person to begin a story, and everyone else contributes to the story until it ends.  

It doesn’t have to be creative like a movie script, but it has to be fun and engaging. Kids younger than five could benefit from playing the game. They can learn how to become better storytellers when they grow up. 

Campfire Games for Families

  • Question and Answer Game 

You can engage in a game of questions and answers. You will have to decide on what type of questions to ask. Ideally, it should be something that every member of the family should understand. There are no rules to how you play the game, the only thing you should do, is to keep the questions age-appropriate. 

  • Concentration Game 

I loved to play this game while growing up, and I still do. It keeps you mentally alert and engaged. Which is why it being one of the best camping games you can play with kids. Concentration, concentration, names of colors that you know; types of flowers, or names of boys, the list is endless. 

There are different rules for the game. Some people apply a progressive rule.  What this means is that if the game was calling for the names of girls, the first person starts with a name like Alice, and the second Betty, the third Cindy and so on; until it gets to Z. 

You will have to decide on the rules of the game at the onset to avoid any issues. 

  • Name the Tune 

If your family loves music like mine, you will benefit a lot from this game. Music is part of our thing, and we also use the game to pass the time when it gets dark. 

The first player hums a tune, and the other player(s) names it. You can always drop hints to help steer the players in the right direction. The one who guesses the name of the tune is the next player. 

  • Truth or Dare 

Truth or Dare is also a good campfire game for families. It is not only fit for high school or college dorms, but you can also enjoy a nice game of truth or dare while camping outdoors. 

The extent of dare should depend on the players. If there are kids in the setting, you want to limit the dare to something fun. You can step things up a notch when camping with teens. 


  • The 5 Things Game 

This game is great for family bonding. Just as its name implies, to play the game, one player will have to mention 5 things about the next person. You will have to work out the rule of the game when starting. 

You can limit the details to a certain period or era. The game is only for fun purposes and isn’t meant to be used as a yardstick for determining how close family members are. You should see it as an opportunity to bond and learn new things about each other. 

  • Let’s Act a Movie 

Why not check out your acting and see if you’ve got the skills by doing it just for fun when next you are outdoor with the family. 

It involves role-playing between members of the family. To make the game interesting, kids can play the part of parents while parents act like kids. The goal is to keep things interesting and make some good laugh. 

You can always make a recording if you’ve got the right camera and lighting; otherwise, the memories are good enough to hold on to. 

  • Tell a Scary Story 

Ideally, this game is best played by only parents. It involves telling a spooky story to scare the little ones. I still remember the tales of scary monsters and demons that my grandparents told us during our holidays. 

You want to take into consideration the ages of the kids involved. You can make the details gory and graphic when dealing with older kids, but you should remember to keep it simple when dealing with younger kids. 

Campfire Games for Families

  • Sound Train 

You can also play the sound train when camping outdoors at night by the fire. You don’t need to imitate the sound of a train, but you do need to follow the sound. 

The game is played by following a sound syllable, you first identify the sound and each player makes a statement that ends with the sound. 

For example, if the sound syllable is an -ism, all players will have to make a logical statement that ends with -ism. 

Final Note 

You will need to lay down the rules of the game before you begin. You should also take into consideration the ages of the kids involved. Younger kids can’t partake in drinking games and those with a bit of profanity. 

There are other ways you can make camping fun, so you want to get creative. 

Now that you know some of the best camping games for families, you can now have other fun things to try when next you are out with the pack.