Coleman Pop up Campers with Bathrooms

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If you are an active traveler or ardent camper, you can find comfort in using a recreational vehicle. There are different types of recreational vehicles and they are designed to give travelers home-like amenities while they spend their time in the forest. For example, pop up campers are good examples of RVs that come with handsome features and other basic amenities.

As such, this post highlights the key facts about Coleman pop-up campers with bathrooms that you should know. If you are still new to the world of RVs, you should know the facts about the vehicle before deciding to purchase one.   

What is a Pop Up Camper?

New campers and travelers alike may be wondering what a pop up camper is exactly. A pop-up camper is also known as fold-out camper or tent trailer with collapsible walls so that it becomes smaller in size and easy to move around with your car. 

Some Coleman pop-up campers have functioning bathrooms which make them convenient. These campers also have a mess area as well as large mattresses. The pop up camper can also be folded into a nice package that can be easily towed on your vehicle. There are also other factors that you should know about this kind of pop up camper with bathroom.  

#1 Coleman Pop Up Campers with Bathrooms are Convenient

Coleman pop-up campers with bathrooms belong to a category of the lightest RV options that you can get in the market. The main advantage of a pop up camper is that you can tow it using smaller vehicles and it is convenient since you can move around with it to different places.

Pop-up campers are also much lighter than standard travel trailers since they weigh from as little as 800 pounds while in some instances they can weigh around 2,000 pounds. Pop-up tents have fabric walls which make them light compared to travel trailers with an average weight of 5,000 pounds.

The lightweight on your pop up camper helps to save fuel on your vehicle. You can also pull the pop up camper with an SUV or a mid-size truck whereas a full-sized truck might be required to pull a travel trailer. This means that you can use your usual car to tow a pop up camper with a bathroom. 

#2 Coleman Pop Up Campers with Bathrooms Offer Privacy

When you’re boondocking, you will find a bathroom inside the pop-up camper ideal and convenient. You do not necessarily need to go out to shower yourself since you can do it inside. The bathroom might not be spacious as the one at home but the convenience of showering inside your temporary shelter in the woods is just gratifying. 

However, you must also know that Coleman pop-up campers that include bathrooms are expensive since they are large in size. This facility also comes as a plus and this is the reason why the price is higher compared to other ordinary pop-up campers. 


#3 Prices for Coleman Pop Up Campers Vary

The other important thing that you should know is that a brand new pop-up camper can be very expensive and get this right. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced camper, you need to make an informed decision if you want to buy a pop-up camper with a bathroom. 

Other similar campers may also feature elements like a stereo, hot water, air conditioner among others and these contribute to the high price. Therefore, it can be wise to start with a used pop-up camper then consider upgrading to a new vehicle as time goes on. You can also consider renting a pop-up camper with a bathroom so that you gain RVing experience which can help you to make an informed decision when you want to buy one.

#4 Pop Up Campers are Beginner Friendly

While choosing the best pop-up camper can be a daunting task, the good news is that the mobile home is beginner-friendly. It is light and easy to tow with your sports utility vehicle. No special experience is required to tow a pop-up camper like other types of RVs. 

Pop-up campers are compact and they are easy to tow in different conditions which helps you to properly plan your route. Other routes have both weight and height restrictions but pop up campers in most cases do not exceed such limits and this makes them convenient for any route.  

Coleman Pop up Campers with Bathrooms

#5 Coleman Pop Up Campers have Convenient Storage

Coleman pop-up campers with bathrooms include built-in storage areas for your camping gear and other items. The storage space might be smaller but you can be creative to pack the things that you know can perfectly fit in the area provided. You can also store your personal belongings in the small cabins provided.

A pop-up tent trailer is also convenient to store at your home or any place since it takes little space when folded. You can leave it in the driveway or park it in the garage if there is space for two vehicles. If you live in an apartment where storage space for additional vehicles is limited, you can pay less to a storage facility since a pop up camper does not occupy a lot of space. 

However, you should also know that a pop-up camper should be properly cleaned before storage. You should avoid leaving food particles in your pop-up camper since these can attract rodents which in turn can destroy the canvas material on the sides of your tent. 

You must also make sure that the canvas material on the sides of the pop-up camper is dry before folding it. If you fold the camper while the canvas material is wet, you can cause irreparable damage which can be a big loss. This can lead to an undesirable loss so you must always make sure that you do the right thing to extend the life of your pop-up tent.       

# 6 Coleman Pop Up Camper with Bathroom Can be Tricky to Set Up and Pull Down

Some of the benefits that you get from using a pop-up camper with a bathroom come with a price. For instance, the setup process of this temporary shelter can be tricky and tedious. Pulling down the camper can also be tricky since all these processes require physical effort. 

When setting up the pop-up camper tent, support poles should be put in place and the interior should be fully unfolded. You can only perform this step manually and you should do it with the help of another person. In some instances, you might be forced to perform all these daunting tasks in bad weather or even when you are tired. 

To set up or pull down a Coleman pop-up camper with bathroom, you may require the assistance of another person. Other Coleman tents are easy to set up and this is a major drawback of the pop-up tent that you should consider. It might not be feasible to use a pop-up tent alone since you may not enjoy the camping expedition due to the challenges you are likely to face in setting it up. 

It is also important to ensure that the pop-up tent trailer is completely dry before you fold it. However, if you are leaving for home, make sure you reopen the tent trailer again when you arrive so that it dries before storing it in its right place. Chances of other components of the tent breaking are high since all processes involved in setting up and break down are performed manually.  

# 7 Coleman Pop Up Camper with Bathroom has Issues with Weather Elements 

The other important element about a pop-up camper is that it provides good insulation and protects you against bad weather elements like wind and cold. In case of hot weather, you can unzip the pop up tent for improved ventilation. You can also enjoy the full view of the stars while you are sleeping if you unzip the tent. 

On the other hand, you should also know that a pop-up camper may keep you dry but it may not be as enjoyable as other types of recreational vehicles. The canvas walls might not provide you the warmth that you may need when they are damp. Rain might not get inside the pop-up tent but condensation that takes place in the interior of the tent will make it damp.


Prolonged dampness inside your pop-up tent can lead to other challenges like molds or bad odor that can be irritating. However, you should always keep your tent dry to prevent such problems. You can achieve this by promoting the free circulation of air inside the tent. Alternatively, you can try to use your pop-up camper in warm weather.  


I hope you have enjoyed the extended list of the facts that you should know about Coleman Pop Up Campers with Bathrooms before you decide to purchase one. If you are an ardent traveler and camper, a Pop Up camper with bathroom is your ultimate companion. However, a tent trailer also has its downsides that you must consider before buying one. All the same, you can leave your comments below.