Fast Pitch Tent vs Instant Tent: What is The Best?

Last Updated on July 27, 2022 by Ecorf

If you love camping, then you must also make sure that you have the right equipment like the right tent for the adventure. You will certainly need temporary shelter if you are going to spend some days camping outdoors. There are different types of tents available on the market but you need to consider aspects like portability and convenience.

For instance, fastpitch and instant tents can be ideal choices when going for camping and intend to spend days out. These two items share a lot of similar features though they have slight differences. Thus, to determine the best product between fastpitch tent vs instant tent, you need to consider a variety of factors.  

Key Features of Instant Tent vs Fast Pitch Tent

With regard to the aspect, the difference between fastpitch tent vs instant tent, it can be observed that they are the same thing. In fact, it seems that Fast Pitch is a marketing term that was suggested by Coleman to market their models of instant tents.  

Both the instant tent and fastpitch tent are characterized by specific features that make them unique compared to other standard camping tents that you can get from the market. The following are some of the features that you can consider when you want to buy these particular tents for your camping expedition. 

An instant tent allows you to set it up quickly in a period of about 60 seconds while the setup of Coleman fastpitch tent is about half that time compared to a standard Coleman tent. These two tents share this major feature related to the instant set-up which is also a perfect selling point. 

Building Technology

Both Coleman fastpitch tent and instant tent use the same building technology. For instance, they come with ready connected poles to the outer shell which gives them a dome shape. These poles make the setting up process quicker once you locate the proper area for your campsite. 

The other advantage of the dome shape is that it does not trap wind or water on top which gives you good protection against bad weather elements. The material used in the design of the connected poles is flexible and lightweight. The poles can maintain the shape of the pitched tent and they do not easily give in to outside weather elements.  

The instant tent is simple and quick to pitch and it allows you to easily shift to the next camp should you wish. The tent is also ideal for roadside camping and it gives you ample time to relax when you are done with setting it up.

When you want to buy an instant tent, you need to consider the right size that you want since it comes in three different types of size ratings namely 4, 6 and 8. The sizes are however a bit small such as instant tent 4 that cannot allow you to stand inside.

Instant tent size 6 or 8 can be appropriate since it allows you to stand and move around when you are inside. Instant tent six has a dimension of 10 ft x 9 ft and you can fit two queen size air mattresses while instant 8 has is 14 ft x 8 ft larger and can fit two queen size air mattresses and leave space. You can use the extra space for storage of other items. The tent also has a big door that enables you to move in and out comfortably.  

The other similarity between Fast Pitch Tent and Instant Tent is that they are made of fully waterproof fabric. The tent also has mesh windows for ventilation but the main issue is that it is not ideal for rainy conditions. You may need a tarp for extra protection if you want to camp in rainy weather. 

Downsides of Instant Tents

Instant tents also have their downsides apart from the positives mentioned above. Instant tents have a weak pitch since they do not compact down like standard tents. This means that they may not be able to sustain harsh weather conditions that are characterized by elements like strong winds and snow. These tents are ideal for average weather conditions since they are generally lightweight.  

Instant tents can have limited storage space which means you may need a standard tent if you have many items to use during your camping. You also need to look for a bigger tent if you intend to share it with many people or else you may be forced to buy more of the similar product. 

Depending on the size of the tent, the other issue you can encounter is related to additional weight. The internal pole system can make the tent heavy if you are backpacking. You will need to pitch the tent closer to your car to avoid the burden of carrying it to a distant campsite. Taking down the tent can also be another challenge that you can encounter regardless of the fact that it is easy to set up.  

Fast pitch tent vs instant tent: What is the best?

The other downside of instant tents relates to their price. They cost more than standard camping tents due to their newer technology which makes them more convenient especially in the setup process. All the same, you can go for an instant tent if you do not like to waste your time setting up the standard tent when you get to your campsite.


Fastpitch tent and instant tent share a lot of similarities and are viewed as the same thing. The only difference between these two tents lies in their names that are aimed at attracting customers. The tents consist of newer technology which makes them unique compared to standard camping tents. 

Fastpitch and instant tents are quick and easy to setup which differentiates them from other similar offerings in the market. These tents are convenient and they allow you to easily change the campsite to another area. However, their price is a bit high compared to standard camping tents.