How to Air Condition a Tent?

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Camping during hot days especially in summer can be uncomfortable due to excessive heat that can make your tent hell on earth. Camping tents usually trap heat when it is hot. However, where there is a will, there is always a way to overcome this challenge since many people prefer camping in summer. For instance, air conditioning your tent is an effective way that can help you enjoy a peaceful sleep in your tent. 

There are different types of air conditioners that you can choose for your camping tent. Before you buy this special device, you should ask yourself if it is necessary. This will guide you to choose the right air conditioner that can satisfy your needs. As such, this guide gives you tips that can help you to choose the right air conditioner that can cool your tent. 

What are the Benefits of Using a Tent Air Conditioner?  

A tent air conditioner can be expensive so you must ask yourself if you really need it. While some people can view an air conditioner for a tent as a luxury, it is a necessity in places that are excessively hot.  There are many benefits that you can obtain from using this particular device to cool your tent which include the following:

  • Helps you to sleep peacefully
  • Reduces excessive heat inside your tent
  • Improves your camping experience

How to air condition a tent?

Essentially, camping is meant to help you enjoy the outdoor world in style. Therefore, you should have the right equipment that can help you achieve this goal. There are different things that can help you to air condition your tent successfully. 

Type of Air Conditioner to Choose

Now that you know the significance of air conditioning your tent, you should also know the right type of tent air conditioners that you can choose. There are two types of tent air conditioners namely window air conditioner and portable air conditioner. These tent air conditioners require a 120-volt power source. When choosing an air conditioner, you should also consider its source of power. 

Many campers usually prefer widow air conditioners since they can effectively cool the tent. On the other hand, you can place a portable air conditioner anywhere since it is free-standing and it has a hose that is designed to release warm air through the door or window of the tent. A portable air conditioner is less powerful than a window air conditioner. The following are also other things that you should look for in a tent air conditioner. 

Tent BTU

You need the right information that can help you to choose the best air conditioner with appropriate BTUs required to cool your tent. BTU is determined by the size of the tent. For instance, a tent with 100 square feet floor requires 5000BTU and the capacity increases according to an increase in the size of the tent. 


Size of the Air Conditioner

You also need to consider the weight of the tent to determine whether it is easy to transport from one place to the next. Apart from its size, it is also crucial to consider the power source of the conditioner to check if it is usable in different places. 

Timer and Remote Control

A timer helps you to program the air conditioner so that it automatically switches off after the set runtime. A remote control is also convenient since it enables you to operate the air conditioner in the comfort of your bed.  

How to Install the Air Conditioner

When you have selected the right size of the tent air conditioner, you should customize it so that it can perfectly fit in your tent. You should start by reinforcing the material on the outside of the tent with glue. This is meant to prevent the tent fabric from ripping when you mount your air conditioner. 

When you have reinforced the fabric on your tent, you then cut a hole in the right position where you want to mount the air conditioner. However, you should carefully mark the size of the air conditioner. Many people prefer window air conditioners since they can sufficiently cool the whole tent given that they are mounted in the right position. 

When you are mounting your air conditioner on your tent, you must know that condensation takes place while the air conditioner is cooling your tent. Therefore, you must make sure that the duct is strategically positioned so that the moist goes outside instead of wetting the interior of your tent. 

When your air conditioner is perfectly mounted on your tent, you can enjoy a perfect sleep at night since it can cool your tent. However, during the day when the sun is above your tent, it might be impossible for the air conditioner to cool your tent. A portable air conditioner is overpowered by the intensity of the heat which makes it inappropriate to use during the day. You would rather use a tarp to cover your tent when it is extremely hot during the day.

You should also know that a portable air conditioner designed for tents is different from office or home air conditioners since they have different BTUs. The size of the tent should determine the BTU that is required to effectively cool its interior. 

Other Tips for Using your Tent Air Conditioner

The following are some of the tips that can help you to effectively use your air conditioner. 

  • You should always clean the air filter to improve the flow of air.
  • You should use an outside extension cord-free of gaps
  • Avoid running the air conditioner when the ground is wet. Wear shoes when going near the unit when the ground is wet.
  • Properly install a window air conditioner to enhance maximum performance



If you truly love camping, I hope you now realize that hot climate cannot deter you from enjoying your outdoor expedition even when the temperature is extremely high. I also hope that you have enjoyed reading this guide about how to air condition a tent. You can leave your comments or questions below. Feel free to share the article with friends and colleagues.