How To Clean Eno Hammock

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Are you among those who love to gaze at the stars at night? Or are you just one of the few who likes to go camping during warm weather? If Yes, then you should know that Eno hammock is a necessity to have a wonderful experience.

However, just like any other equipment, Eno hammock also gets dirty. This may be because something was spilled on it. It may also be some odor emanating due to continuous use. Or it might just be that some weird stains seem to appear on it from nowhere.

Then, you should know that it is time for you to clean your Eno hammock. As you read on, you will learn a few tricks and tips that are helpful.

What Is The Meaning Of ENO In ENO Hammock?

The meaning of ENO is Eagles Nest Outfitters. It is a United States Company that specializes in the production of knotless hammock suspension systems. The company started from a rickety van saddled by the Pinholster brothers.

But today, the company is a proud producer of innovative products and relaxation gear. It has its base at Asheville, North California, home to high peaks and the Blue Ridge Mountains. From there, it shares its hammocks with hundreds of thousands of customers across the planet.

What Is The Meaning Of ENO In ENO Hammock

Which Material Is The Eno Hammock Made Of?

Hammocks produced by ENO are made of nylon taffeta that is porous and breathable. This provides it with the ability to ensure a cool, soothing, and comfortable experience. Together with this, Eno hammocks are designed so that you can hoist them on a hammock stand.

The company has designed a Nomad hammock stand with which all brands of ENO hammocks can rest on. Apart from these, the ENO hammock stand and the ENO hammock can be packed easily into the designed carrying case. This makes ENO relaxation gears the right choice.

Can ENO Hammocks Get Wet?

Are you concerned about whether your ENO hammocks will get wet or not if exposed to moisture? Then you should know that just like any porous and breathable material, it will. However, the manufacturer makes ENO hammocks to withstand the effects of rain and storm.

Are ENO Hammocks Waterproof?

Due to what ENO hammocks are made up of, they are safe to use in moist environments. They are made up of porous material that allows water to pass through. This eliminates or reduces to the barest minimum any potential destructive effects from such exposures.

ENO, Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Lightweight Camping Hammock

How To Clean Eno Hammock

How To Wash ENO Hammocks

If hammocks are dirty, and you have an interest in knowing of ways to clean them safely,  below are some guidelines that can help. You must know that for cleaning to be done effectively, some conditions should be put in place.

You must make use of a washing machine (whether a front-loader or a top loader) without an agitator. It can distort the integrity of the Hammock’s material. Also, ensure that you use mild detergent, have running water, a storage bag, and a good drying source. The steps are as follow:

When Using a Washing Machine

Remove The Carabiners

Immediately you remove the ENO hammock out of its storage bag, ensure that you take the carabiners off as well. Leaving them on your hammocks can cause serious damage to your washing machine.

Also, if there are any ropes attached to your hammock which are removable, do take them off. This is simply because, during washing inside the machine, they may wrap around the fabric or machine. This can lead to permanent damage to your hamper if they are not removed.

Configure The Machine To Operate On A Gentle Cycle

To ensure that the structural integrity of the hammock material is maintained, set the machine to a gentle cycle. If the cleaning process is too harsh, the integrity of the material could be compromised. You will not want any bad surprises during your next camping trip.

As you try to manipulate the setting of the washing machine, please pay attention to the water temperature. You should know that cool water is preferred for washing and cleaning. This is because it does not cause shrinkage, and it is not harsh.

Make Use Of A Gentle Detergent

Finally, at the start of the washing, you should ensure you use a mild detergent. This is also to maintain the structural integrity of the Hammock’s material. Soapy water from mild detergent gets cleaning done faster, while harsh detergents are deterrents to the fabric’s longevity.

Washing By Hand

Make Sure You Wet Thoroughly Before Starting

Though washing ENO hammocks by hand is more tedious and time-consuming, it is worth the time. You can locate some tiny spots of dirt that may have gone unnoticed with the washing machine. It is, therefore, necessary that you soften the hammock’s material with water to make it easier.

You can do this by hanging it over a rod or a drying pole. This allows you to have access to a large portion of the surface. It is advised that this is done outside amidst fresh air to reduce mess and afford ventilation. You should make sure its surfaces are drenched with enough water.

After This, Rinse

After a thorough hand washing is done, ensure you use water to rinse off the soapy water from the surfaces. You should continue adding the water till you are sure all the soap is gone.

Washing Hammock By Hand

Dry And Store

Drying is very fast for ENO hammocks since the materials are designed to be. You can leave the hammock outside away from the reach of direct sunlight. Flat surfaces are preferable. Also, hold with pegs in case it is breezy.

Conclusion On How To Clean ENO Hammock

Please note that you don’t need to wash your hammock after a trip unless it is very dirty. They are not designed for frequent washing. Doing so may reduce the quality and durability. Instead, you can wash them after or before a new season starts making them ready for your next trip.

Keeping your hammock in good shape has a way of keeping you in the right shape whenever you are set for the next camping trip.