7 Amazing Camping Grounds In California With Lakes

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Lots of options are available for every passionate adventurer who wishes to camp in Golden State. These options range from thrilling vacation spots in the Shasta Cascade to serene lake camping in Southern California.

Therefore, With these numerous options, choosing the exact camping location becomes sometimes tricky.  Fortunately,  I’ll be expounding some of the best camping grounds in California with lakes in this piece. This will help you know the great places to head into for a memorable experience. Keep reading to learn.

Best Campgrounds in California with Lakes

Many people fall in love with California because it offers scenic spots ideal for pitching a tent. Undoubtedly it’s one of the best places in the world with fantastic camping destinations. The following are our top picks for every kind of camper who wants to bask in the pleasure of nature.

Best Campgrounds in California with Lakes

1.     Lake Isabella

Lake Isabella is one of the lakes to camp at in California. You will see the stunning Lake Isabella in the east of Bakersfield, close to Sequoia National Forest.  Impressively,  it houses one of the largest reservoirs in Southern California.  Characteristically, it covers more than 11,000 acres.

For campers who are fishing enthusiasts, this freshwater lake in Kern County will offer you the best fishing trip experience. Some things to see in Lake Isabella include catfish, rainbow trout,  and smallmouth &  largemouth bass.

2.    Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes is well-known for tranquility which makes escaping into the mountains an incredible adventure.  It is in the Inyo National Forest, near June Lake.

At Mammoth Lakes, there are lots to explore. Incredibly, it features over 800 campsites. Although it’s usually referred to as a winter wonderland,  the Mammoth Lakes area welcomes visitors from one season to another.

Part of what visitors tend to enjoy camping in this region is the frozen glaciers that give the landscape a stunning shape.

This campground gets its name from the plethora of pristine pools area, which forms the basin. There are five different lakes in the lower basin, including  Lake Mamie,  Twin Lakes, Lake Mary,  Lake George,  and Horseshoe Lake.  The upper basin comprises Shelton,  Duck, and Deer Lakes.

With all these numbers o flakes and campgrounds, you should know that it’s impossible to exhaust all the new sights during your camping season.

3.     Lake Nacimiento

Lake Nacimiento happens to be an underrated region in San Luis Obispo County. However,  it’s a 5,000-acre lake near Paso Robles with incomparable beauty. Its aesthetics is in the coastal mountains with jawbreaking canyons and waterfalls.

Characteristically,  Lake Nacimiento has a year-round general store and a sensational eatery. This offers campers access to their needs while exploring the untamed wilderness.

There are over 350 campsites around Lake Nacimiento.  This makes it an ideal location for people who seek a place of escapism. At Lake Nacimiento,  you can enjoy taking a walk around, kayaking on the water, taking pictures of the unique oasis, or fishing for bluegill.

4.     June Lake

June lake is in the Inyo National Forest of Mono County.  It’s great for a family-friendly camping experience. While going to June lake, you can always stop at the subalpine lake southeast of Yosemite National Park.

Some of the amazing things at this camping destination include unique access to the Ansel Adams Wilderness and the eastern Sierra Nevada. You can also have a wonderful experience of kayaking,  fishing, swimming,  sailing, and biking.

Coleman Sundome Tent

7 Amazing Camping Grounds In California With Lakes

Visitors always attest to the uncommon satisfaction they get at June Lake Campground.  Characteristically, they tend to enjoy the close proximity to the lake, eateries within walking distance,  and access to boat rentals.

Ensure that you put the campsite’s bear-proof lockers to use and be vigilant of the local wildlife while camping in June Lake. Moreover, the region is home to some mule deer, mountain lions, and an array of bird species. The last may sound beautiful,  but an encounter with the first two may not be a good story to tell.

5.    Big Bear

The SoCal’s San Bernardino National Forest surrounds the Big Bear and is famous for being a fantastic ski destination. The ski resorts are an exceptional complement. However, once the snowpack melts, the fun of exploration reduces. Sagebrush and pine forests surround the waters of Big Bear Lake. The outdoor adventures will continuously feed on your curiosity.

The things that make this place ideal for weekends include mountain biking paths, hiking trails, fishing spots, and boating ramps in every direction. Big Bear offers several campgrounds to choose from every time you visit. Within walking distance of Big Bear,  you can quickly locate the Serrano campground to add to the pleasure.

6.    Shasta Lake

You will see Shasta Lake on the northern side of Redding. It is an excellent vacation locale, especially when you seek a place to run to in the summer months. Shasta Lake offers numerous recreational opportunities, including swimming, water skiing, hiking, fishing, and mountain biking.

Shasta Lake

Shasta Lake is a place you need to visit as an enthusiastic camper. It houses more than a dozen campgrounds. Some of the proposed thrilling experiences you may want to enjoy include fishing in the morning, relaxing by the shores in the evening,  and taking a hike or horseback ride.

7.    Lake Oroville

Camping near a lake in California offers a thrilling experience.  Lake Oroville is a stunning camping destination that confirms this fact. Do you seek a place for vacation? This is the right place.

Lake Oroville is about 75 miles north of Sacramento.  Campers have different wonderful options, including boat-in camping,  lakeside campgrounds,  or floating campsites.

To get to floating sites, in particular, you will have to use a boat ( personal or rental). There are about 15 people at each floating campsite.  The state owns only ten floating campsites. Therefore, to use any of the boats,  you need to call for a  reservation first.


These seven amazing camping grounds in California with lakes in this content should be of help. So, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a perfect place for your adventure.

After knowing what you want,  the next step is to go for it. The amazement and memorable experience you will have in any of the campgrounds in the Golden State will always prompt your visit.

Did you enjoy the list of amazing Camping grounds in California with lakes? This list will guide you to make the best choice.  If you did enjoy it, please share your thoughts in the comments down below and share this article if you like it.

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