How to Make a Tent Warmer?

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Camping is exciting and it is also a wonderful experience that helps us to connect with nature while at the same time relaxing in style away from the “Madding Crowd.” However, you must never underestimate the impact of adverse weather on your expedition. Your camping adventure can be spoiled by biting weather but you can overcome this by taking necessary measures that can help to keep your tent warm.   

If you are planning a camping trip and you are uncertain about the condition of the weather, do not worry, you can proceed with your mission. Just read through this post which gives you suggestions and survival tips about how to make a tent warmer when it is cold. 

Suggestions to Make your Tent Warmer

The following suggestions can significantly help to make your tent warmer when you are camping in cold weather. On top of these tips, you should also make an effort to pack the right gear such as warm clothing. 

Use a Poly-Cotton or Canvas Tent Smaller in Size

The first thing to consider is the type of tent that you use for camping during cold weather. Poly-cotton or canvas tents are ideal for cold weather since they have properties that are designed to trap heat inside while at the same time preventing it from escaping. 

You can choose a smaller tent when you are going to be sleeping alone. It is suggested that smaller is warmer since the tent does not have excess space for cold air to circulate inside. It can also retain the heat that is generated by your body which helps to maintain a warm temperature inside. 

How to Make a Tent Warmer?

Alternatively, if you are using a large tent, then you can pack many people inside to keep it warm at night. Human bodies produce heat through breathing which in turn is captured inside the tent to keep it warm when the weather is cold.  

Put a Thermal Blanket on the Ceiling of the Tent

You should also keep your tent covered by a rainfly or tarp to prevent any moisture from getting inside. When it is raining, a rainfly will help to keep the interior of the tent dry. A cover on the tent also helps to retain the warmth inside so that you can stay warm at night. 

When you are inside the tent, you can also put a thermal blanket across its top. This blanket will help to retain the heat that is generated by the body. A thermal blanket helps to prevent the heat from escaping through the walls of the tent. 


Cover the Ground with Carpets and Rugs

The other important aspect that you should consider is to pay close attention to the floor of the tent where it is set up. The ground can be moist and it is usually cold so avoid setting your tent directly on the surface. Instead, you can utilize carpet or rugs on the floor of the tent to prevent the permeation of cold air. 

A carpet also helps to trap the heat that is produced by the heater thereby keeping the tent warm. Without a carpet, the heat will quickly disappear leaving you in the cold. On top of that, you must also try to pitch your tent on high ground to keep away moisture from the ground. It follows that a dry tent is warm. 

Use a Heater to Keep your Tent Warm

You can also use a heater to warm up the interior of the tent. A heater is very effective in warming up the interior of the tent when it is warm. Make sure that your tent is closed when your heater is on to prevent the heat from escaping.  

How to Make a Tent Warmer?

However, there are certain safety precautions that you should take. Do not go to bed while your heater is on. You can also use the strategy of heating up some rocks and these can help to keep your tent warm after you put the heater off. Just heat some rocks until they are hot and place them in a safe position but closer to your sleeping bag within your tent to provide warmth. 

Use Disposable Heat Bags 

Disposable heat bags are also vital in regulating the temperature inside your camping tent. You can place the bags closer to your sleeping bag. Alternatively, you can also boil some water that you can pour into bottles to keep you warm at night in your tent. The bottles can improve the warmth of the tent by providing additional heat that can keep you warm during cold nights. 

Choose a Special Sleeping Bag

The other important thing is to consider a special sleeping bag that can also help to keep your tent warm at night. A sleeping bag that can sustain temperature can also help to maintain the temperature inside the camping tent. For instance, silk bags are perfect for warmth when it is cold and they can help to keep the tent warm. 

You can also combine a sleeping bag with a sleeping pad for additional warmth inside your tent. A pad is very good at absorbing temperature which helps to keep the interior of the tent warm. Once the sleeping pad traps heat, it cannot easily escape from the tent. 


Camping in cold weather can be both exhilarating and challenging at the same time. While there are different steps that you can take to keep your tent warmer, the golden rule for winter camping is that you should never go to bed cold. On top of this, there are different steps that you can take to keep your tent warm. 

The most important thing is to ensure that your tent retains the heat inside while at the same time preventing cold air from getting inside. In summation, simply follow the steps below to keep your tent warm.

  • Use a small tent
  • Insulate the ground
  • Use water bottles or disposable heat bags
  • Use a heater as well as a thermal blanket

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