How to Wash Fleece Jackets?

Last Updated on June 18, 2022 by Ecorf

Fleece jackets are comfortable and they are ideal for camping adventures in cold weather since they provide you with the much-needed warmth. However, like any type of clothing, fleece jackets are bound to get dirty due to different activities you may be involved in during your expedition. Fleece material is thick, durable and it resists moisture which helps to keep you warm when it is cold. 

The challenge is about how to wash fleece jackets since they are made of fabric that cannot be washed in a similar way as other ordinary clothes. If the jacket is not properly washed, it can lose its softness. Therefore, this guide gives you basic information about how to wash fleece jackets.

Tips to Wash your Fleece Jacket

There are different types of fleece jackets hence it is crucial to know the properties of the fabric. This can help you to use the right method when washing the jacket. There are different tips that you should follow to effectively wash your fleece jacket. 

Read the Manufacturers’ Instructions

First and foremost, it is imperative to read the manufacturers’ cleaning and care instructions of the garment before you attempt to wash it. Each jacket comes with a tag consisting of instructions about how you can clean it. The label on the jacket also outlines the things that you should not do since these can degrade the garment.

The main characteristic of a fleece jacket is that it is water repellent which makes it popular among different campers. Fleece jackets also consist of sensitive waterproof coatings which can deteriorate if exposed to high heat. 

How to wash fleece jackets

You can wash your fleece jacket either by hand or a washing machine. The most important thing is to check the label for guidelines provided by the manufacturer. You must have the following items to effectively wash your jacket. 

  • Mild detergent
  • Cold or lukewarm water
  • Dryer set at the lowest temperature

Washing your Fleece Jacket

The first step is to prepare the washing water by adding gentle detergent or soap and you should avoid using regular detergent. Other detergents can affect the softness and comfort of the jacket as well as its durability. It is recommendable to use cold or lukewarm water and you should also remember that warm water can affect the quality of the jacket in the long run. 

Before washing the jacket, you must turn it inside out to avoid piling as well as damaging the material. It is also crucial to wash the jacket separately from another heavy laundry to avoid friction which can damage the material. Again, you must ensure that you wash the jacket with other items that have the same color and avoid mixing it with clothes that may produce lint.

You should thoroughly rinse the jacket in the washing tub or machine after washing so that you remove all the residues. You should also use cold or lukewarm water to rinse your jacket and check for any residues before drying it. You can repeat the rinsing process until the jacket is clean. 

You should be careful when drying your jacket since this can compromise its quality. For instance, you must be careful with dryers since the jacket is sensitive to heat which can affect its waterproofness. Should you decide to use a dryer for drying, make sure you turn the heat at its lowest to prevent it from being damaged. 

It is recommendable to air-dry the fleece jacket to be on the safe side. You must also remove the jacket from the drying line immediately after you are satisfied that it has dried completely. Extended exposure of the fleece jacket to the sun can also affect its quality in the long run. 

After drying your jacket, you must store it in a safe place. It is vital to ensure that you do not mix it with other garments that can produce lint such as wool. You should also maintain your jacket so that its material does not get damaged. 

Things Not to Do    

There are many things that you should not do during or after the washing process of your fleece jacket. The most important thing is that you should not wash your jacket with hot water since it degrades its quality. The waterproof coatings will peel off in hot water, so you should avoid it at all costs.

The other important thing is that you should not iron your fleece jacket. The polyester material can end up melting so you should just keep the jacket straight by hanging it in your wardrobe. The water coating is very sensitive to heat so you may damage it with an iron.  

You must also limit the frequency of washing your fleece jacket to extend its life. Over-washing the garment can result in the degradation of the material so you should wash it only when you feel that it is too dirty. Spot cleaning the fleece jacket can also work well to prevent it from wearing out through regular washing. 

A fleece jacket has more warnings than other garments made of different fabrics. It is also essential not to overuse your jacket if you want it to last longer. You should wear your jacket at least twice per week. This will help you to limit the accumulation of dirt and stains that may require you to wash the jacket thoroughly thereby compromising on its quality. 


Fleece jackets are popular with campers and individuals who enjoy outdoor activities due to their fuzziness and comfort. Fleece is a perfect outdoor gear since it keeps you dry and warm under cold and humid conditions. Washing this kind of fabric is a bit different from what you do when washing clothes made from other types of material. 

To extend the lifespan of your jacket, you must always follow the instructions written on the tag. There are different things that you should avoid to ensure that you do not damage your fleece jacket. It is also crucial to limit the frequency of washing your jacket.