What Are the Pros and Cons of Pop up Campers?

Last Updated on June 18, 2022 by Ecorf

There are certain things that you should know if you want to a pop-up camper. For instance, pop-up campers come with floors, amenities as well as roofs and walls. Nonetheless, pop-up tents are labor-intensive, designed for short term travel and represent primitive camping. 

Besides these factors, pop up campers can be both exciting and disappointing at the same time. Therefore, this post explains in detail the pros and cons of pop up campers. 


There are various benefits that you should consider when choosing a pop-up camper. The following factors can help you make informed decisions before spending your money.

Pop Up Campers Come with Interior Amenities

Pop up campers are spacious and they come with amenities that can make your life easier while you are camping. For example, campers have slide-out beds that you can also use as eating booths. Some campers have cooking areas that allow you to prepare your meals inside and you also get a small stove, refrigerator as well as sink. 

You can also get running water in your pop up camper though it usually comes with a smaller holding tank for fresh water. You can also attach a heating or air conditioning system in your pop up camper to make it comfortable in adverse weather conditions.   

What are the pros and cons of pop up campers?

The roof, beds, and walls can be folded when you are traveling which makes the amenities easy to store inside the popup camper. The other important element is that pop-up campers come with water, electric connections, and vinyl flooring. Other large campers come with furnaces, showers as well as screen roofs.

Pop Up Campers are Secure

With this kind of camping shelter, you will be moving around with a mobile home. When you have set up the pop-up camper, it is secure and it also has good storage space for your camping gear. The side walls are of canvas material and they also consist of plastic windows that you can unzip to enjoy a clear view of nature even at night. 

The plastic windows can also be zipped to protect you against bad weather. When it is hot, you can unzip the windows to expose the mesh that promotes quality ventilation inside the camper. Besides that, you can also use canvas curtains to enhance privacy.  

Pop Up Campers are Towable

Pop up campers are easy to tow and store. Since pop up campers are easy to tow, this means that you will save gasoline compared to other camping trailers that may be too heavy to tow. You can tow the camper with any type of vehicle so you do not need a special kind of car to tow it. The campers are also safe to tow since they are lightweight and do not swing like large trailers.  

Campers that have compact sizes are also easy to store in your home. You can actually keep the pop-up camper in a garage and still remain with parking space for other vehicles. You can also keep your pop up camper in your backyard where you will not pay any storage fees. 

What are the pros and cons of pop up campers?


Pop up campers have their own downsides that you should also know so that you can make informed decisions when you want to buy one. 

Set Up and Disassembly is Challenging and Time-Consuming

The biggest challenge with pop-up campers is that its setup process is time-consuming. To set the camper up, you need a lot of time and you should be extra careful to avoid damaging some components that are not strong. On the other hand, disassembly of the pop-up camper is also time-consuming. 

Instead of enjoying every moment of your camping experience, you end up getting frustrated by putting up and pulling down your fancy RV shelter. If you are not very patient with setting up your camper, then you would rather make an informed decision to avoid disappointment. 

Canvas Wall Can Pose Quality Challenges

Canvas walls on the pop-up campers can become damp and uncomfortable in moist conditions. When it rains, the damp walls can produce uncomfortable smell. This can also make the interior part of the camper cold. The other issue is that cleaning the canvas walls is both labor-intensive and time-consuming. 

Some Pop Up Campers can be Heavy

Some pop-up campers can be heavy which makes them difficult to pull with light vehicles. You may need an SUV or pick up to pull heavy campers. On the other hand, extremely light pop up campers may not be safe since they can tip-off. The issue of weight can give you some challenges.  

Cost Factor

Just like a regular pull trailer, a pop-up camper does not usually come cheap so you should seriously consider the aspect of cost. A pop-up camper that weighs above 3,000 pounds and comes with excellent amenities can cost you about $18,000. 

On top of that, you will also need a reliable SUV or pick up that can tow the heavy pop up camper. The price for the camper and the SUV can be too high so you need to make a good decision so that you can get something that fits your budget. 

You can also be lucky and get a pop-up camper that is affordable and comes with basic features that can make your camping enjoyable.  You should just make sure that you get something that is within your budget and also check its features.

What are the pros and cons of pop up campers?


As you have observed above, a pop-up camper can be a good recreational vehicle if you get the one that can satisfy your needs. However, you should always know that something that is good for someone might not be good for you. Therefore, you should understand the pros and cons of these campers so that you can buy the right thing that can satisfy your needs. It is vital to set a clear budget so that you buy the right vehicle.