7 Best National Parks In Missouri

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If you’re looking for a weekend getaway to see different places and have a good time, then you should consider going to Missouri. Missouri is a state in the middle of America where people pass through when they go on road trips. It is important that you experience some outdoor activities when you have some free time. Go to either state or national parks, play, look around, and have some fun.

The people of Missouri are blessed to have wonderful national parks that appeal to tourists and citizens alike. For extra entertainment, there are side attractions attached to these national parks. If you’re wondering how many national parks there are, you’ll find out here soon enough. Visiting one of the national parks will make you want to visit more of them.

Whenever you finally decide on visiting all Missouri national parks, create an itinerary to carefully guide you. Visiting all parks might take up to a week. We advise that you take this trip when you have a long holiday or break from work.

Best National Parks In Missouri

People ask questions like: are there any national parks in Missouri? Well, there are national parks in Missouri. After our research, we found out many national parks in Missouri, but the ones below are our top picks. These national parks are maintained by National Park Service and national historic trails.

Best National Parks In Missouri

Gateway Arch National Park

Formerly known as Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, Gateway Arch National Park is located in St. Louis. It was built in the 60s and has become the most popular park in Missouri. The arch signifies western expansion in the United States and celebrates those who made this a success. There are lots of things to do while in Gateway Arch.

A guided tour of the building is given to those who visit. The museum, the courthouse, and the tram train are sided attractions. Take the elevator up to the second floor to see the library before heading for the top of the arch.

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Ozark National Scenic Riverways

This is a National Park Service site to protect a river system. There are many outdoor activities and fun things to do while in Ozark National Scenic Riverways. If you’re a fan of fishing, swimming, hiking, or canoeing, then this park will appeal to you. Enjoy the beautiful view of nature and appreciate the quiet that comes with Ozark National Scenic Riverways.

Aside from the water activities, you can sit and watch the birds fly, camp at the site, go on horseback riding, hunting, and stargaze. There are shopping areas, natural caves, and indoor places to explore if outdoor is not your thing.

Ozark National Scenic Riverways

Harry S. Truman National Historic Site

You can find out about the past United States president by visiting Harry S. Truman Historic National Historic Site. This site is dedicated to appreciating the achievement of the 33rd president of America. The Historic Site includes the Wallace Homes, Noland House, and a family farmhouse in Grandview.

Visitors will get a tour around the National Historic Site. There are historical items that date back to when Truman was president and the history of the United States. Visit the museum to learn about the great president Harry S. Truman.

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George Washington Carver National Monument

The plant doctor lived as an agricultural scientist, humanitarian, educator, and inventor. George Washington Carver was a great man. School kids who call him the peanut man. He lived in Newton County, Missouri. Through the national historic sites, achievements are celebrated today. The site has a one-mile trail that shows many statues, and there are two family graves along the trail.

You can pack your hiking boots while coming on this tour because there are hiking locations. The parks hold an arts program as part of the activities. There are bugs in the park, so come with a bug screen for detection.

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7 Best National Parks In Missouri

Bennett Spring State Park, Lebanon

This is one of the first state parks in Missouri. It has a beautiful aura and view that draws people to it. At Bennett Spring State Park, you have the luxury of watching fishermen while enjoying the view of nature. There is a rainbow trout with 100 million gallons of water that goes through Bennett Spring per day.

People who visit the park have many options for outdoor activities like hiking through the trails, dining at the lodge, and camping. Bennett Spring State Park has 5 campgrounds in the wooded hills of the park with basic amenities.

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Sainte Genevieve National Historic Park

This is the oldest European settlement in Missouri. Saint Genevieve was on a French trading trail that settlers use before Missouri became a state. It was like a trading center used by the French settlers to trade with the Spanish, this happened in the 18th century. The Spanish bought goods and furs of animals from France. People need extensive research before they can go through this trail.

Castlewood State Park, Ballwin

It is located in St. Louis and people enjoy visiting the park. Castlewood State Park is one of the popular parks that has been in existence since the 90s. Castlewood is the best place for hiking, biking, and doing other outdoor activities. You would find people fishing and relaxing there just to be away from their daily routine.


By making this piece available, you should have no problem finding the perfect park for your fun time. Now you know what you want, why not go for it? This is an opportunity to have a bond with your loved ones and learn new things. The memories made from this will be priceless.

Did you enjoy this list of the best national parks in Missouri? Will this help you out when the time comes for you to visit a park? If you did enjoy it, please share your thoughts in the comment section below and share the article.