Best Camping Spots in North Georgia 

Last Updated on July 8, 2022 by Ecorf

What are the best camping spots in North Georgia for the outdoor lovers? Well, you can find just the right ones below. 

Camping is one of the many things that most American folks like to do. There are a lot of things to do outdoors; you can choose to go on a road trip across different parts of the country either with your family or decide to take a hike and explore your backyard. It doesn’t matter whether it is in close to the house or in a faraway land when spending the night outdoors, you will need just the right spot to camp in when it gets dark. 

Without wasting any more time, here are seven camping spots in North Georgia you should check out when next you are in the area. 

Best Camping Spots in North Georgia

Vogel State Park

The famous Vogel State Park is one of the most notable camping sites in all of North Georgia. The site is situated at the base of Blood Mountain and has more than 100 cottages and campsites to accommodate visitors all through the year. 

You can also enjoy a warm bath in the summertime in the swimming lake and enjoy sumptuous campsite meals in the picnic area. Other side attractions close by include the Brasstown Bald, which happens to be the peak point in the state of Georgia. 


Fort Yago State Park 

Another camping site that you should check out is the state park in Fort Yago, which is only 25 miles from Athens. The property features a classy camping area that houses fully equipped pine tents, cottages, and outdoor accommodation for visitors with basic amenities such as electricity and clean water. 

Visitors can decide to hike along 18miles plain to discover some of the mysteries of the Fort, whose construction dates back to 1793. You can also choose to explore the lakes on a boat, kayak, or canoe. The area provides an escape from the metro-life for city dwellers to come to unwind and take a break from work. 


Enota Mountain Retreat 

The Enota Mountain Retreat could be the perfect getaway for those who are looking to camp around the North Georgia Mountains, which cuts across Helen, Blue Ridge, Blairsville, Hiawassee, and Young Harris, Georgia. There are a lot of attractions on the ground, from a natural waterfall to the two trout pond, visitors have a lot to keep them occupied while visiting the area. 

Other seasonal activities such as organic garden tours, hayrides, and animal feeding are also worth checking out. Families can benefit from the strategically located tents along the stream with electricity, water, fire ring, and a hot water bathhouse with laundry service — all in place to ensure that visitors have a memorable experience whenever they are around. 


Cloudland Canyon State Park 

Cloudland Canyon State Park is located further in the Northwest area of the state. It promises to have a lot in store for the adventurer who loves rustic scenes. The camping site has a couple of challenging hike trails, a majestic standing gorge, and waterfalls that empty in beautiful pools. 

There is a lot you can do when you are around once you have settled your accommodation. A lot of visitors usually troop in during the summer months between July and September, making it challenging to find cottages to rent during peak periods. So except you are coming with your trailer or tent, it would be best to plan for your accommodation before you arrive. 


Lake Conasauga Recreational Area 

If you are a sucker for primitive camping, then you need to check out the recreational area in Lake Conasauga, just close to Chatsworth. The remote area can provide visitors with the perfect escape from the city to go fishing, hiking, swimming, and all the other things they love to do when outdoors. 

It also a stone throw away from the Cohutta Wilderness, which happens to be the largest wilderness in the whole of Georgia. In addition to cozy vintage tents, you also enjoy features such as clean drinking water and flush toilets available in different areas of the recreational area. 


Black Rock Mountain State Park 

Just about an hour and a half away from Athens is the Black Rock Mountain State Park, which is suitable for families looking to camp away from home. There are a lot of things to do on-site. You can choose to hike along the many trails that cut through streams and forests. 

The lake is filled with different fish species for the expert angler to hone his or her skills. Not to mention the breathtaking view that you get to enjoy by the lakeside. There are accommodation options to choose from, and you also get to secure your camper or vehicles on the premises. 


Paulding Forest WMA 

The Paulding Forest Wildlife Management Areas is a quiet and serene environment distinguished by a patch of wood intertwined by creeks. It is an excellent place to camp in if you are looking for the right outdoor environment to hunt or fish in close to the Dallas area. 

You can also head over here if you love to bike on rough terrains, as the Silver Comet Trail is an excellent place to exercise on your bike. While this is a great place to experience nature at its best, you want to note that there are no restrooms or other amenities available on-site, so you may want to figure this one out yourself. 


Now that you know some of the best camping spots in North Georgia, we trust that you would not experience any difficulties finding just the right place for you and your family to camp when you are traveling across North Georgia. 

We strongly advise that you contact the management of the camping site ahead of time to see what features are available to visitors so you can plan accordingly. Remember to pack the right camping gears, and don’t forget to take your camera along with you to capture all the exciting moments when on your travels.