List Of Amazing Places To Hike In Idaho

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Hiking is one of the outdoor activities that help you relax your muscles and stretch out fatigue. It is a form of bonding activity that gives you time to enjoy the company of family and friends. Explore the area while on foot, take the necessary steps to enjoy the scenic area and ponds.

Idaho is one of the few places with hiking trails and views for recreational activities. Choosing your hiking trail is like choosing a path to follow. Some hiking trails follow through the mountain, while some others follow the riverside.

There are lots of spots to take pictures and create memories like the pioneer cabins, giant dunes, and the steaming hot springs. Hiking is best done during summer when the trails are dry and easy to walk through. Plan your holiday with hiking activities in your itinerary.

Best Places To Hike In Idaho

Now you have made up your mind to stretch your muscles and shake out the stress, we would present the best hiking locations in Idaho. Our list comprises places with amazing views and trails. You can go biking, walking and enjoy the peaceful or scenic environment. The list below is our top picks of hiking trails in Idaho.

Best Places To Hike In Idaho

Craters Of The Moon National Monument And Preserve

For unique hiking experiences and opportunities, visit Craters of the Moon. Aside from Craters of the Moon, there are only a few places in Idaho that give you that walk on a lunar-like surface experience. This area came to be many years ago and was designated as a national monument and preserve in 1924. It is located in Southern Idaho but the North Crater Trail is one of the many people who like to explore.

There are other trails in Craters of the Moon with excellent landscapes like the Inferno Cone and Devil’s Orchard Interpretive Trail.

Alice Lake, Sawtooth National Recreation Area

Explore the recreational area and mountains when on your hiking trip. While in the Sawtooths, it is difficult to choose between trails to hike. Alice Lake is one of the best hiking trails in the Sawtooths. Start your hike at the Tin Cup Trailhead; it is close to Pettit Lake which is 18 miles south of Stanley. Hiking to Alice Lake is a 7-mile journey in one single direction. Enjoy the environment while you travel the shoreline of Alice Lake.

The alpine wonderland has a beautiful view which you’ll enjoy. There are other things you can do on the trail if you decide not to hike. You can do a backpacking journey or a simple trail run.

Military Reserve, Boise

Boise is known to have amazing hiking trails located just outside the capital city. You can access any of these trails by cycling, walking, or using transport. The Military Reserve is 15 minutes from downtown Boise. It was formerly used for military operations in the 17th and 18th centuries. It is managed and operated as a wildlife reserve with different fascinating views.

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There are several trails near Boise but they come from the Central Ridge Trial. Family and friends can go on a hiking trip within the military reserve, and there is a medical center and park for other activities. Explore the lower part of the trail system from the Central Ridge, Cottonwood Creek, and other parts of the reserve.

Fishhook Creek Trail

If you’ve been looking for a place to take your family and friends to, then you should go to Fishhook Creek Trail. Nature and all its essence are well insight as you pass through the hiking trail. You can make necessary stops to inhale the fresh air, see the ponds, and aesthetic of the Stanley area. Take a 5-mile trip for all activity levels which is suitable for all ages.

A short walk can be taken through the sagebrush-lined path. The trail flows through the forests and meadow surrounded by green trees and flowers. A series of ponds will welcome you as you make scenic stops.

City of Rocks National Reserve

Located in the southern area of Idaho near the Utah border is the City of Rocks National Reserve. There are rocks and giant boulders seated in the large environment. It was known as an essential landmark on the California Trail, and it is a hot spot for hiking and climbing. The tour given will explain some of the prominent rock features. Hike around the Bath Rock, Elephant Rock, and Treasure Rock.

The City of Rocks also has a Flaming Rock which is so popular and massive among rock climbers. Also accessible to hikers is the beautiful Window Arch Rock.

Redfish Lake Trail

For good inspiration, go to the Redfish Lake Trail. It is almost 15 miles, and it’s great for an adventurous outdoor activity. You would need all the strength you’ve got as you venture on this trip. The environment has all-natural beauty you would love, and the view is worth your time. Take a look at the wildflower as you go, and enjoy the scenic look on the trail.

Conclusion On Best Places To Hike In Idaho

There you have it, a list of amazing places to hike in Idaho. Take a trip with friends and family to any of these locations for a fun time. Pack up some necessary things in case you wish to camp while at it. Hiking feeds your eyes with the best view of nature. Do well to add hiking to your calendar and visit any of the places before the end of summer.

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