How to Make Your Own SUV Tent

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When camping, do you know that you should have an ideal tent that suits the occasion? For instance, car camping is an adventurous and convenient activity that can significantly improve your outdoor experience. You may not need a conventional tent that you pitch on the ground since you can utilize an SUV tent.   

If you enjoy car camping, then you should learn how to make your SUV tent in simple ways. This can significantly help you overcome the hurdles of pitching a tent while in the jungle. You can park by the roadside and enjoy a peaceful rest in your car tent. Using this camping tent method is very convenient since you can change campsites any time you wish.    

There are also other benefits of SUV tents that include the following:

  • Hatchback tent is easy to set up and it can fit different cars
  • It can serve a dual purpose where you can use it as a standalone tent
  • Ideal for camping on uneven or rocky terrain
  • Perfect for family camping trips
  • Weatherproof and good ventilation when the weather is hot

Therefore, this post gives you details about the steps that you can take to make your own SUV tent. 

How to Set a SUV Tent?

You must know that SUV tents are designed to work as either a trunk tent or standalone unit. A hatchback tent attaches to the rear of your vehicle and it provides extra weatherproof that may not be easy to get from a traditional canvas tent. As you have noted, there are many benefits that you can get from using SUV tents. 

The most important thing that you should consider is to buy the right SUV tent that can fit on your vehicle. You must also make sure that you have the right tools and equipment that can help you to make your own SUV tent.  For instance, make sure the tent has poles, stakes, ropes, and tarps that you can use for other purposes. 

You can also use restraining straps that you fasten to the wheel wells together with an elastic band that goes around the back of the car. There are certain steps that you can take to convert your SUV into a camper car. When you choose the option of hatchback tent, the following are some of the steps that you should follow to set up your SUV tent.  

Step by Step Approach in Making SUV Tent

The directions for setting up your SUV tent are straightforward and easy to handle.

Step 1

You begin by removing the tent from the bag then you lay it flat on the ground to make sure you set it in the right direction. For example, the vehicle sleeve must face the cargo area of the vehicle while the screen room must be on the side of the driver.

Step 2

The tent comes with six poles and five fiberglass poles together with two awning poles. You begin by unfolding each tent section to assemble the tent poles. The fiberglass poles have the same length and you slide each diagonally from corner to corner. Each pole should go through the sleeve of the pole in the tent roof and you must one end into the hub center. 


Step 3

Place the other end into the center hub while you place the other end into the center joint. You repeat the process for the other three poles. You then take the steel pole and insert the other end into the joint while the other end goes into the pin that is found on the bottom corner of the tent. You repeat the same process for the three other remaining poles. 

Step 4

When your tent is standing, you now attach the plastic slips to the tent poles which attach to your vehicle. You then unzip the door that faces the car so that you can have access to its cargo area. You then move the tent towards the car and slip the tent sleeve over the roof and under the bumper. You can hook the bottom straps on the rear wheels then tighten them. 

Step 5

Locate the two long straps in the accessory bag that you attach to the clip that is located on top of the sleeve of the vehicle if your tent does not have a roof rack. You should extend the long strap to the front of your car and attach each strap to the hood frame then tighten. If you have a roof rack, attach the two straps to the wood frame then repeat the process on the other side. 


Step 6

You must pin the screen room and tent to the ground using webbing loops and corner pins. Setting the rainfly is a simple task since you just need to hook it to the tent. When assembling the awning you must make sure that you place the pointed end of the pole through the hole that you find at the awning corner. You then insert the ring that is on the guide rope around the point then you stake the other end of the rope into the ground. 

Tips and Tricks

There are certain tips that you should also be aware of to be in a better position to seat up your SUV tent easily. By now you have noted that setting up a SUV tent is simple. You can set up your tent fast and easy which helps you to avoid pulling a mobile caravan. 

The first thing that you should look for is a level campsite before you begin setting up your SUV tent. Make sure that the place you choose is clear of debris or other obstacles that can disturb your free movement. Make sure that you turn off the engine and also ensure that the car is stationary by applying the parking brake. You must also make sure that exhaust is cool and it is also outside the sleeve. 

How to make your own suv tent


When camping, there are many benefits that you can get from using an SUV tent. For instance, it is convenient and you can change the campsite as you desire. As you have observed, the setting up process of this type of camping tent is easy. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. You can share the article if you like and can also leave comments below.