Choosing the Best Camping Mattress for Couples

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Sleeping comfortably after a hectic day is the best part of your camping experience. If you are camping as a couple, then you need to get an ideal mattress suitable for the purpose.  You should take various factors into account when choosing the best camping mattress for couples. The following tips can help you get the right product.

Intended use of the mattress

When you go for camping, you know exactly all the plans for your activities. Therefore, in deciding how to choose the best camping mattress, you must consider its intended use. If you are backpacking, then you need to choose a cushion that is suitable for that purpose.

You must also take into account the exact place where you will use the mattress. Are you going to use the mattress in a tent or in a car? These are some of the questions that you should ask before choosing a mattress that you can use with your partner during your camping expedition.

Types of camping mattresses

When you are clear about the intended use of the mattress, you should also know that there are different types of mattresses that can suit your needs. There are mainly three types of camping mattresses that include closed foam, air mattress and self-inflating mattresses.

Self-inflating mattress

As the name suggests, this type of mattress is effortless to use since it self-inflates. You only need to spread it and you are done. The mattress is made of high quality and durable material that is guaranteed to last longer. However, the mattress is a bit heavier and may not be ideal for backpackers.

Self-inflating mattresses are perfect for use in different places such as your car, tent or any outside environment. The product also gives you comfort during your sleep since it is made of a mixture of open foam cells and air which provide perfect insulation against surface temperature.

Closed foam mattress

Closed foam is a budget mattress that is made of highly-dense foam together with tiny air cells. The mattress is ideal for all campers and it is also suitable for use in different places. The product is lightweight and also very easy to carry. Backpackers can find this type of mattress very convenient. Though not very thick, the mattress works fine on surfaces that are not very smooth.

Air camping mattress

Air camping mattress is wonderfully designed and it is an epitome of luxury when you are camping somewhere in the jungle. You should know that the mattress is expensive mainly due to the wonderful technology used in its construction. The mattress is lightweight and it is also suitable for different campers including backpackers.

Air camping mattresses can be used in all three seasons unlike other budget options available. The mattress can pack easily for easy transportation. However, the mattress requires air to function properly. Some mattresses come with a pump or else you may need to inflate it using your mouth.

What features should you look for in camping mattresses?

There are many features that you should look for in camping mattresses. Some pads are better than others so you need to take your time to get the best product.

Weight and size

The issue of weight is very important to consider when choosing a mattress. Lightweight mattresses have their own advantages especially to backpackers since they are easy to carry. However, these mattresses may not be ideal for couples.

The size of the mattress is also very important to consider if you are going to use it as a couple. You would rather consider double or queen size mattresses since these can accommodate two people. The size of the mattress also determines its weight.

Material of the mattress

You should be careful about the material of the mattress so that you can get a product that is worth the value of your money. In this case, you should look for a mattress with durable material that is puncture resistant and it should also be waterproof. Camping takes place in different environments. More importantly, you must check if the pad is easy to clean.

The element of material goes along with insulation of the mattress. Insulation is an essential feature of the mattress that helps you to enjoy quality sleep in different temperatures. Mattresses have R-value that determines its capability to resist heat flow. When this value is high, it provides more insulation on cold surfaces. Thicker materials have a high R-value.


You should try to get a comfortable mattress so that you do not wake up with lower back pain or sore neck. The comfort of air mattresses, in particular, depends on the level of pressure. Therefore, you must check if the mattress is easy to inflate. Thicker mattress also offers more comfort which is the reason why you can consider them.

How to choose the best camping mattress for couples?

The main issue is about how to choose a mattress that can satisfy your needs. The following elements are good guides for helping you to get the best product.

Brand and quality

There are different brands of camping mattresses on the market but the issue is that their quality differs. Some are poor while others are of good quality. Therefore, you must make an effort to choose a reputable brand so that you can get a quality product.


Price is another aspect that should guide you to get the best camping mattress. It is advisable to avoid cheap products since these usually come with poor quality. However, you must also bear in mind that not all expensive products are of high quality. You should be guided by your budget to get the right product that will satisfy your needs.

Customer reviews

Before rushing to buy a camping mattress, you should try to get reviews from other customers about the product. These reviews are helpful since they give you insight about what other users of the product say with regard to its performance.

Review of camping mattresses

If you are looking for the best camping mattress for couples, you can consider the following five models since they are designed to satisfy the needs of various campers.

Coleman Airbed and Folding Camp Cot with Side Table

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The Coleman queen sized camping mattress is suitable for two and it also comes with other handsome features that can enhance your camping experience. You can inflate the mattress using a battery operated pump that is also rechargeable. The mattress is made of durable material.


Easy to set up

Comfortable sleep

Airtight system to prevent leaks

Includes a battery-operated pump


Inflating the mattress is noisy

SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress

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The SoundAsleep mattress is available in queen or double size and it is ideal for couples. The other notable aspect about this pad is that it is suitable for use in different outdoor environments. The pad consists of comfort coil technology including eco-friendly PVC that is durable and designed for outdoor use. The mattress comes with a pump that uses a rechargeable battery.


The mattress is stable

Easy to clean

Fast inflation


The mattress is not thick hence less comfortable

Avenco Queen Air Mattress

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The Avenco queen mattress comes with a built-in pump that you can use to inflate it. You can charge the pump using a car charger or do it at home since it is very convenient. The mattress is advantageous in that it can adjust to any situation and it is perfect for a couple. It takes about three minutes to inflate the mattress and you can inflate it to the desired level.


Easy to inflate and deflate

Waterproof material

Easy to maintain


Therm-a-Rest MondoKing Mattress

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This self inflating foam camping mattress can accommodate two people. The mattress is ideal for home or camping use and it offers warmth and unlimited comfort. The mattress can be adjusted to suit your ideal firmness.


Lightweight and portable

Very comfortable

Vertical side walls to allow pairing of mattresses


Not easy to deflate

OPOLEMIN Sleeping Pad for Camping

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The attached sleeping pads are inflatable and they come with a hand-press pump. Inflating the pads takes about two minutes and the mattress can be used anywhere. It is also easy to deflate the sleeping pads. The other notable advantage of this type of camping mattress is that it is lightweight and ideal for backpacking.



Tear resistant



Not comfortable like other thick camping mattresses


When you are camping with your partner, you need to get quality sleep at the end of the day so that you can wake up refreshed. It does not matter that you are in the jungle but you can still manage to get good rest.

While there are different brands of camping mattresses, Avenco Queen Air Mattress is a good choice since it is designed to give you comfort. However, your final verdict is a matter of personal preference.