How to Choose Tents that Attach to Vans

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Camping can be exciting if you use a camper van but you may realize that your space may not be large enough to satisfy your needs. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should upgrade your vehicle to a bigger van. You can choose tents that attach to vans to extend your camping space. There are different types of campervan tents that you can get for this particular purpose.

Why Choose a Tent that Can Attach to a Van 

A van tent is the best way to add space if you feel that your car is smaller than the number of people camping. This type of tent has many advantages that you should know so that you can make an informed decision. 

A Van Tent Gives You Outdoor Experience 

The essence of camping is to enjoy outdoor space that is characterized by fresh air. If you are used to van camping, you do not necessarily leave your vehicle since you can access it any time to get your staff. The primary advantage of the tent that you can attach to your van is that you have access to all your things and you can sleep comfortably without cramping yourself in the car.

A Tent Keeps Bugs Away 

One thing that can make your camping experience memorable is to enjoy a night that is free of bugs and other weather vagaries like rain or excessive heat. When you have a tent nearby, you can sleep peacefully since many tents come with additional accessories like mosquito nets and rainflies. 

Tents also have sufficient ventilation in the event that it is hot outside while keeping bugs away at the same time. If you attach a tent to your car, then you can enjoy peaceful sleep since it is designed to offer you protection you want. You can also drive the car away and leave the tent standing which gives you the opportunity to engage in various activities.   

Offers Private Space

The other notable advantage of a tent that you can attach to the vehicle is that it provides private space. You cannot enjoy the same privacy in a vehicle. Some tents come with dividers that can help to create separate rooms for the campers. When you have this kind of tent, then there is no reason to worry about finding a private space to change your clothes.  

Disadvantages of Using This Type of Tent 

You should also understand that the tent that you can attach to a van has some disadvantages.  You should know all the characteristics of the product so that you can make an informed decision when you buy it. 

The Tent Takes Time to Set Up and Break Down

The main issue with the tent is that setting it up takes time. In the same vein, breaking down the tent is also a challenge that you should expect to encounter when you are using a tent that you can attach to your van. 

Setting up your tent should not be troublesome since your aim is to enjoy every moment of the camping adventure. If you intend to move to different camping locations, then the tent can delay you and it ends up giving you more labor which may dampen your spirit.

Security Issues

The tent is not secure so you should never get excited to the extent of driving off and leaving it unattended. The doors of your car offer better security so do not trust leaving the tent unattended with your valuables inside. 

Things to Consider When Choosing a Campervan Tent

If you find yourself camping a lot using your van, you should not stress about the issue of limited space if you are more than two. You can solve this problem by choosing an ideal tent that you can attach to your van. There are different types of tents that can be attached to camping vans and these can give you peace of mind during your camping adventure. Check the following factors.

Destination and Number of Campers

Proper planning is part of the camping experience and this step should help you get an ideal tent that can satisfy your needs. You must plan the destination and also take into consideration the number of people that will be part of the camping team. 

The number of campers should help you determine the size of the tent that you should get. The other golden rule that you must always follow is that you should carry the tent only if you are certain that you will use it.   

Get the Right Tent that Fits Your Car

You should get a tent that fits your car. There are various tents that are made for specific cars on the market. This should not be a problem since you know your car. You can also search on Amazon for a specific tent that will fit your car. On top of this, you must also make an effort to get a tent that comes with full flooring

How to Choose Tents that Attach to Vans

Read Other Customer Reviews

Buying camping gear can be overwhelming since you are likely to come across a variety of brands with various features. Out of these brands, there are some people who have used them and they often leave reviews highlighting their experience with the product.

Therefore, you can check for other customer reviews on reputable sites like to get insight about what other users say about the product. 

What is Your Budget?

More importantly, you should consider your budget before buying a tent that you can attach to your vehicle. You must conduct your research so that you get something that is worth the value of your money. You can consult specialist retailers or talk to seasoned campers since they have the right information that you may want.  

It is also wise to avoid cheaper brands since they are in most cases of poor quality. Therefore, do not hesitate to spend extra money if quality is guaranteed in the product that you want to buy. 

Review of Tents that Attach to Vehicles

Now that you have an idea about how you can choose your ideal tent, the following section reviews some models that you can consider to buy for your next trip.

Ozark Trail 5-Person Campervan Tent

The Ozark Trail 5-Person van tent has large space and it can accommodate five people or more and it is ideal for family camping and other related group events. The tent is simple and easy to set and it comes with a rainfly to keep the interior dry. The tent also has perfect ventilation and it has a hanging sleeve for your media.  

  • Quick & simple set up
  • Added headroom and interior space
  • Sleeps about five people
  • The tent is heavy

How to Choose Tents that Attach to Vans

Rightline Gear SUV Tent

This particular tent is a universal fit which you can use on any car and it is easy to install. You can attach the vehicle sleeve to the back of your car and you can also use the cargo area for sleeping while others sleep in the tent. Altogether, the tent sleeps up to six people.

  • Tent comes with rainfly and carry bag
  • Universal fit
  •  Waterproof material

How to Choose Tents that Attach to Vans

Add-a-Cabana Minivan Tent

The tent is lightweight and it can transform your car into a mini house. The tent is designed to fit most SUV camper vans and it is also portable. The model is made of durable nylon and it is perfect for beachgoers. It is easy to set up since you only need to attach it to the back lift door of your car.

  • Easily fits on the lift door of your van
  • six feet interior height

How to Choose Tents that Attach to Vans

Kelty Sequoia 4 and 6 Person Camping Tents 

The tent is spacious and it can accommodate four people. The tent also has lots of storage pockets.  It is ideal for family or group camping. The tent has a handsome popup feature that enables a single person to set it up. Mesh ceiling also helps to keep the bugs out and a rainfly to keep the interior dry. 

  • The tent is built with steel poles and it has steep sidewalls to prevent rain from getting inside. 
  • Three season tent
  • Covered Mesh wall panels to enhance privacy

How to Choose Tents that Attach to Vans

Napier Sportz Minivan Tent with Screen Room

The tent takes about 15 minutes to set and it comes with sturdy fiberglass and pole structure. It is made of polyester material and floor material that is waterproof. It also comes with an expandable bag for storage and easy carrying. The tent is spacious and can accommodate up to six people.

  • 10’x10′ tent
  • One person can set it up
  • Over 7 feet of headroom
  • Sleeve attaches to vehicle
  • Sturdy fiberglass/steel poles

How to Choose Tents that Attach to Vans


If you enjoy camping using your vehicle, there is a danger that you can face the challenges of limited camping space. This can happen if the number of campers exceeds two people. However, you can consider another viable option of getting a tent that can attach to your van. 

There are different types of these tents such that your choice is a matter of preference. From the reviewed tents, Ozark Trail 5-Person tent can be a good choice for group camping. It has many advantages but you should also do your research to check the features of other models.