Choosing the Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

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Sweaty feet are real and they can affect your performance in various ways, especially when you are training in the gym or performing your routine exercises. It is vital to ensure that you always use footwear that can keep your feet cool and sweat at bay so that you can enjoy your workouts. 

You can achieve this by choosing the best socks for sweaty feet, best sock material for sweaty feet but there are also different factors that you should consider. As such, this article highlights the benefits of using socks for sweaty feet as well as things to consider when buying this type of socks. The best types of socks for sweaty feet that you can consider to buy are also reviewed in this article.    

Benefits of Wearing Socks for Sweaty Feet

Sweaty feet not only affect your performance in doing your workouts but it can also affect the health of your feet. For example, if your feet are constantly moist due to prolonged periods of wearing footwear with closed toes, then you are likely to experience a breakdown of the tissues on your skin. This can be on the sole of the foot or the skin between your toes.  

The breakdown of the skin on your feet together with constant accumulation of moisture leads to development of a perfect environment that promotes the growth of fungus.  This can lead to burning, itching or redness of the foot. While creams and antifungal powders can treat the condition, using socks that help to dry as well as to cool the foot can prevent conditions such as athlete’s foot. 


The other issue is that moisture in your footwear can lead to the development of odor on your feet. If your toes cannot breathe as a result of the type of your footwear, this can lead to the accumulation of sweat and bacteria which in turn will produce a bad smell. However, with the right type of socks for sweaty feet, bacteria and sweat are removed which helps you to maintain clean and healthy feet. 

Apart from wicking away sweat from your feet, special type of sock for sweaty feet is also comfortable. These socks are made of a material that is super soft, breathable and they can move with your feet as you perform your workout. The socks can dry your feet while making them feel comfortable at the same time. 

How to Choose the Best Socks for Sweaty Feet?

Before you buy your socks, you must also consider factors like material, durability, comfort as well as price so that you can get the right product. Your ultimate choice depends on your personal preference so do your research first before buying the product. 

Good Materials

The following are good materials that you can consider for your socks for sweaty feet.


Wool is the favorite among different enthusiast of socks since it consists of soft texture as well as perfect insulating properties. In winter, wool keeps your feet warm and in summer it keeps them cool by absorbing sweat. Wool is more absorbent than any other fabric like cotton. Wool also traps moisture inside the fabric rather than the whole of it like cotton. 

Choosing the best socks for sweaty feet, best sock material for sweaty feet


Coolmax is made in a lab and it has been scientifically designed to keep your feet dry. It consists of polyester as well as moisture-wicking technical fabric and in some cases, cotton, wool or Spandex are added to this material. The main advantage of the material is its breathability which helps to keep your feet cool and sweat-free. 


Funny enough, this material won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The process involved in making Olefin leads to development of durable, easy to clean, stain-resistant, quick-drying and comfortable synthetic fabric that is also lightweight. Olefin is excellent in repelling and wicking water which helps to keep your feet dry and comfortable. 


DryMax is a branded version of Olefin and it is designed to keep your feet extremely and it also consists of antimicrobial treatment that helps to keep your feet free from bacteria. The material is durable and it can sustain different conditions while at the same time keeping your feet dry. 

Bad Materials

The following are bad materials that you should avoid.


When it is hot outside, synthetic materials that include nylon, plastic as well as polyester can make your feet sweat a lot. Due to the poor breathability of the material, it does not allow evaporation of sweat from your feet. 

Choosing the best socks for sweaty feet, best sock material for sweaty feet

The other issue is that synthetic materials do not absorb moisture which means your feet will remain wet and sticky. Moisture on your feet can lead to bad smell, blisters, sores from rubbing of toes and can also lead to breeding of bacteria and fungi. 


Cotton is the other type of bad material that can lead to sweaty feet. Though cotton socks tend to be lighter and can breathe better than other synthetic socks, cotton socks are not capable of absorbing moisture without getting soaked. 

Cotton socks can also stay wet for quite a long time which leads to development of Brevibacteria, the bacteria that causes the moldy and cheesy smell of your socks. 


The other important factor that you should consider before buying socks for sweaty feet is their durability. Other materials like Olefin, Drymax as well as Polyester are durable while nylon is not that durable. Durable material helps you to save money in the long run since you can use the socks over a longer period.  


You must also consider the aspect of comfy when you buy socks for sweaty feet. Most of the socks are said to be comfortable but it is important to try a pair of socks to determine the fabric that can be perfect on your feet.


Above all, you cannot simply buy a pair of socks for sweaty feet without comparing it to other products available. You must conduct your research so that you carefully compare different types of socks available so that you can get the right product that suits your budget. Alternatively, you can also read customer reviews to get an insight about what other people say about a particular product. 

Review of the Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

The following are some of the best socks for sweaty feet that you can buy even tomorrow. However, you should not rely on this list alone since there are various types of products that belong to this category that you can choose from 

Swiftwick Performance One

Swiftwick PERFORMANCE ONE is durable and it is also designed for comfort. It can endure different activities of an active lifestyle while at the same giving you maximum comfort throughout your workout. The socks are designed to eliminate friction which can cause blisters and it is lightweight. The socks also have nylon-reinforced heels to offer maximum durability where there is high abrasion. Olefin fiber can wick moisture in order to keep your feet dry all day.  


  • Lightweight
  • Support contour of your foot
  • Ideal for golf/running
  • Comfortable, cushioned ankles
  • Quick-drying

Choosing the Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

Darn Tough Men’s Merino Wool 

Darn Tough Men’s Merino socks as the name suggests is tough for the purpose of sporting and other activities. The sock is versatile and it has no boundary such that you can use it for various sporting activities. The sock can withstand different elements and obstacles. It is made from fine merino wool that is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial. 


  • Light Cushion Athletic Socks 
  • Machine wash
  • Cushioned on the base


  • Material not highly durable like Olefin fiber

Choosing the Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

Balega UltraGlide Friction-Free 

The Balega UltraGlide Friction-Free socks are ideal for runners and they help prevent blisters by wicking moist. The socks consist of poly blend fiber together with friction-free nylon yarn which helps to reduce heat and chaffing. The heel and toe are reinforced for durability and comfort. The socks also consist of quality ventilation for breathability. 


  • Ideal for different activities
  • Lightweight
  • Friction-free fabric
  • Additional protection and comfort

Choosing the Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

Drymax Run Hyper Thin Mini Crew Socks 

Drymax Runner Hyper socks are designed to keep moisture at bay from your feet. The socks comprise of a Dual Layer Moisture Removal System that can move moisture from your skin to the outer layer and it also has dense padding designed to protect your feet. The running socks can be used in cool to warm conditions while keeping your feet odor-free, dry and comfortable. 


  • Very light
  • Reinforced heel and toe
  • Contoured design to suit your feet
  • Affordable 

Choosing the Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

CloudLine Merino Wool

These socks are the softest and they are designed to fit both women and men. They comprise of standard cushioning to give you comfort and warmth. The socks are also machine washable and they are durable. 


  • Ultra-soft
  • Antimicrobial designed to keep feet fresh
  • Quick wicking of moisture


  • Made from sheep (anti-vegan)

Choosing the Best Socks for Sweaty Feet


From the reviewed socks for sweaty feet, Swiftwick Performance One is our best pick since it is made of durable material and it is beautifully designed to suit different types of activities. The socks are also affordable and their prices range from $6 up to $32. However, you should also know that there are different types of similar products so do your homework first before buying the socks you desire.