Patagonia Nano Air Vs Nano Puff: Which Is Better?

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Wondering what type of jacket to get during your next camping expedition? Patagonia nano air vs nano puff are two alternatives that you can consider. These two types of jackets share a lot of similarities but they are somehow different. As such, this article highlights the benefits of these two jackets as well as other factors that you can consider before buying any of the two.

Things to Consider before Buying a Jacket

Whenever you decide to go camping, you should always know that weather elements like cold are bound to impact on your adventure. However, the good news is that there are different types of jackets that are specially designed to suit the event and the weather. However, before buying the right jacket for your expedition, there are certain things that you should consider.    

The most important thing to consider about a specific jacket is the quality of its material. While jackets are made of different types of material, camping enthusiasts value durability of the gear. Durable jackets do not easily get torn and they can resist different conditions. 

Patagonia nano air vs nano puff Which is better

Other jackets are wind and water-resistant and they can last longer which helps to save you money in the long run. You can use the same jacket over a long period. Weight and packability of the jacket are other important factors that you should also consider before purchasing one.  

It is important to consider the quality of the insulation of the jacket. Some jackets are warmer than others so you should be careful in order to buy a product that will satisfy your needs. The other aspect that you should consider pertains to the breathability of the jacket. This also goes along with the aspect of the versatility of the jacket. Apart from camping, you can also use your jacket for casual purposes.    

More importantly, you should also consider if the jacket is washable. Before buying a jacket, you must carefully read the instructions provided by the manufacturer so that you understand if you can maintain it well. On top of that, you should also consider the price of the jacket. You should buy something within your budget range.   

Introducing Patagonia Nano Air vs. Nano Puff

Patagonia’s Nano-Air and nano puff jackets belong to the same brand but they differ in a number of aspects like the design as well as the purpose for their use. These jackets are designed for everyone regardless of age or gender. 

As you are going to realize in this article, Patagonia nano air has been designed to be a casual synthetic jacket that you can wear all day. It can fit a variety of conditions and you can also use it for different activities. The jacket is also breathable so if you believe that you will be more active during your adventure, Patagonia nano air is the perfect fit for you. 

Patagonia nano air vs nano puff Which is better

On the other hand, Patagonia nano puff is designed for stationary use. The jacket is weather resistant and you can use it to protect you against bad weather elements. The jacket has quality insulation that is designed to protect you against cold weather and it is ideal for winter camping. On top of that, Nano puff jacket is durable and it can resist different weather elements. 

Features and Benefits of Patagonia Nano Air and Nano Puff

Nano air jackets are designed for casual use and they are also lightweight. This means that you can use this type of jacket for different purposes apart from hiking or other camping related activities. 

Nano air jackets are also designed to offer you warmth and breathability such that you can rely on them under different weather conditions. When it is cold, you can still get comfort from this particular jacket. The same applies to warm weather conditions since the jackets are breathable to keep you warm. 

The other important aspect about nano air jacket is that it is weather-resistant and it is also durable. You can use the jacket in different conditions.

On the other hand, Patagonia nano puff has PrimaLoft Gold Eco type of insulation which offers you a higher warmth-weight ratio. This is probably the main benefit of nano puff jackets which are so lightweight while at the same time they offer you warmth that keeps you comfortable against different weather elements. In the same vein, the jackets are packable and they are ideal for activities like hiking and backpacking. 

Nano puff jackets are also breathable so you can use them when you are performing different types of activities. The jacket consists of insulation that can retain heat that is generated from your body while at the same time keeping you dry.  

 The other benefit of nano puff jackets is that they are water-resistant. When you are wearing this kind of jacket, then you have no worries about bad weather elements. 

Other Alternatives

The following are other alternatives to Patagonia nano air and nano puff jackets that you can also consider to buy. 

Lesmart Men’s Ultralight Down Jacket 

This jacket is packable and lightweight and the following are some of its features. This jacket can be packed into a separate drawstring pouch that is portable and convenient. 

  • Side pockets
  • 100 % nylon
  • Weatherproof

Patagonia Nano Air Vs Nano Puff: Which Is Better?

Bakery Men’s Lightweight Down Jacket

The jacket is ultra-light and it is packable into a separate drawstring pouch that is also portable. 

  • Multiple pockets
  • Weatherproof
  • Durable zipper
  • Smooth material

Patagonia Nano Air Vs Nano Puff: Which Is Better?

CAMEL Men 80% Down Jacket

 This winter lightweight packable jacket can be turned inside out and it has the following features. 

  • Zipper closure
  • Waterproof 
  • Two outer and inner pockets

Patagonia Nano Air Vs Nano Puff: Which Is Better?


Both the Nano Puff and Nano Air jackets have been designed as sports jackets and they offer quality breathability while at the same time keeping you warm. These jackets are ideal for activities like jogging or hiking that make you sweat but can keep you dry and comfortable under different conditions. However, you should note that these two types of jackets are not exact winter jackets so be guided by how you want to use them before spending your money.