How Find Leak in Air Mattress and How to Fix It

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When you often use an air mattress during your camping adventure, some time you are likely to encounter the challenge of air leaks. When your mattress is leaking air, it can go flat anytime and you may not enjoy your rest. However, a leak does not necessarily mean that you should buy a new mattress. 

The problem can be fixed but it can be daunting. Thus, to find a leak in an air mattress, how to fix a hole in an air mattress seam, there are different steps that you should take. This guide highlights the methods that you can take to find leaks in your mattress and how you can fix them.

How to Find Air Leak in Your Mattress    

Before you search for punctures likely caused by sharp objects, you must carefully check the seams as well as seals or caps for any leak. You can check for air leaks on the seam or seal by carefully listening for any hissing sound of air leaking. You can also identify the leak on the mattress by simply looking at it if it has large holes. You must inflate your mattress first. The following are other methods that you can use to check your mattress for air leaks. 

How Find Leak in Air Mattress and How to Fix It

Soapy Water Method 

To apply this method, you need a bucket with water, a sponge and dish soap that is free of bleach. Mix the dish soap with water and stir thoroughly until the solution produces soapy bubbles. Keep all electronics away from your working area. 

Make sure you inflate the mattress and place it in an open area where you can freely inspect it. You must be careful to avoid over-inflating the mattress since this can lead to larger holes or splitting of the seams. 

The next step is to thoroughly wet your sponge in the soapy water and slowly wipe the mattress in a systematic way. You can start from one end and work in a straight line to the other end and you can apply a bit of pressure to force air around the place that you are working on.

If you notice any bubble, then you would have identified a puncture which you should mark. You must perform this search process over the entire mattress and when you have identified the punctures, make sure that the mattress is completely dry before patching them.

Tissue Paper Method   

This method is simple since you only need a tissue paper to search for leaks on your mattress. You start by inflating the mattress and you must place it in a quiet environment so that you can carefully search for air leaks. Working from one end of the mattress, place the tissue on top of the mattress and apply some pressure to direct air to your working area. 

As you are pressing the mattress, carefully listen for any hissing sound while at the same time watching for any movement of the tissue. If there is a leak, then you can notice the movement of the tissue if the hole is large. You can also hear a hissing sound if the tissue passes over a puncture. Mark the hole and repeat the same process over the whole mattress. 

Other Methods 

The submersion method can also help you to quickly spot holes on your mattress. You start by inflating your mattress then submerge it in water and you will quickly see bubbles escaping from the water. The method is faster if you have a swimming pool. 

How Find Leak in Air Mattress and How to Fix It

However, water can get inside the mattress if there are large holes and it is difficult to remove it which can cause molds. You must also be careful to avoid using this method on mattresses with electric pumps. 

You can also use baby powder to detect a puncture on your mattress. The method is however messy since it involves spreading the baby powder all over the mattress then you begin inflating it slowly. The more you inflate the mattress, the more chances of identifying holes when the air escapes causing the powder to blow upwards. 

How to Fix the Hole in the Air Mattress

The best method that you can apply to fix a hole in your mattress is to use a patch. Air mattresses usually come with patches that you can use to fix punctures. However, you can also use a bicycle tire patch kit or piece of shower liner together with super glue or any other type of effective adhesive glue to fix the hole. 

When you mark all the holes with a marker, you must then leave the mattress to dry. When it is dry, clean the area around the hole where you will place the patch so that the adhesive sticks well. In case of torn seam leading to leaks, you can use hot glue but make sure that you do not touch the tip of the glue gun when it is hot. 

When you have cleaned the place around the hole on your mattress, cut the right size of the patch that can sufficiently cover the hole. When the patch is ready, you can apply it to the affected area. Some patches are self-adhesive but you may need to apply adhesive glue on other types of patches. 

You apply the patch by firmly pressing in on the place with a puncture on the mattress and place some weights on top of the patch after sticking it to the mattress. You can leave the weights for about eight or so hours to help create a strong bond. You can re-check the mattress for leaks when the patch has set.


Finding a leak on your air mattress can be a daunting task but it can be easy if you use the right method. There are different methods that you can use so you can choose the one that you feel you are comfortable with. When you have identified the hole in your mattress, you can use a patch to fix it and it will be ready for your next camping trip.