How to Break in Chacos Fast 

Last Updated on July 17, 2022 by Ecorf

If you’ve got yourself new Chacos, then you don’t want to wait till you go out on the trail before you break them in. 

It can be hard for first-timers to know how to break in their Chaco sandal fast which is why we have written this article to guide you. I am a big fan of Chaco sandals and have been wearing them for a few years now. I can clearly say that they are the best sandals to take with you on a hiking or backpacking trip. They are good travel sandals you can take with you on your adventure. 

What are Chacos?

If you’ve heard the word Chaco and thought of the black burnt-out sooth obtained from wood, then you’ve got it all wrong. The term Chacos is used to refer to the outdoor sandal that is commonly worn on hiking trails. They are designed to be lightweight and durable which makes them a good alternative to boots and sneakers. They have been popular for over a decade since the company was founded by Mark Paigen. 

How to Break in Chacos Fast

Each pair of Chacos sandals is manufactured to provide comfort and be long-lasting which is one of the secrets to the success of the footwear. The company has programs in place that help to repair worn out Chacos which means that you never throw them away. You get them remade. 

Just like sneakers and other sports footwear, Chacos are made to provide you with super strength and support for your feet no matter the type of terrain. This makes them one of the best lightweight sandals you can use for traveling

Features of the Chacos Sandals

For years, Chacos have been made to be lightweight breathable footwear that can be worn for long hours of the day without any discomfort. The secret is in the design which combines sustainability and reparability all in one footwear. The three main noticeable features of the sandal include:

  • A hard sole that supports your foot and arch all through your journey. This makes it easy to move on any terrain including rough and also water 
  • The Z-strapped design helps to improve the comfort and lifespan of the sandals 
  • The adjustable buckle makes it easier for you to fit into the sandals. Unlike Velcro fasteners that get loosened easily
  • It has few parts which are made to be of the highest quality
  • The buckle is made of plastic while the strap is made from polyester
  • You can choose from the single or double strapped sandals depending on the one you want
  • You can also decide to wear your sandals with a toe loop or not
  • Chaco sandals are water-friendly making them safe to wear on water without slipping


With Chaco sandals, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your feet. You are covered whether you choose the one with a loop around the toe or not. The straps are perfectly placed which gives you comfort and keeps your feet sturdy on the ground. The outsoles are made from Vibram which makes Chaco sandals one of the lightest footwear you can ever own.

Breaking in New Chacos

Chaco sandals feel like gloves or socks on the foot once you get comfortable walking with them. Before wearing your brand new Chacos on an outdoor trip, it is important you work on them to break them in perfectly before your outing. If you will be ordering for your sandals online, it is best that you ensure that they arrive a few weeks before so you can have enough time to work on it. 

You can simply put some mileage on your Chaco before your big day by wearing them for a few hours a day for a week or two. This helps to loosen the sandals and ensures it is the right size for you before you take it out. 

How to Break in Chacos Fast

For your Chaco to fit perfectly, you need to choose the right size of sole that fits your feet. They shouldn’t fit too tightly and should be an extra inch your size for them to be comfortable to walk in. Another important thing you should look out for is the arch support which has to match your ankle joints. If the arch isn’t in line with your ankles, it can be uncomfortable walking in your sandals. 

The space around your toe is always exposed when you put on your Chacos which is why you don’t have to worry about them. All you need to look out for is that your heels and ankle are perfectly aligned to your sole size. You also need to know how to adjust your Chaco straps. When the straps are properly adjusted, you don’t feel any discomfort. 

When the straps are not properly fit, it can affect the circulation around your feet and you can occasionally feel the sharp edges of your sandals piercing into your skin. 

You can choose the right size of Chaco sandals but sizing down on your normal footwear size. This is because they are designed to be a little large and you don’t want to wear Chacos that do not fit properly. If you wear a half size in your regular footwear, you want to choose your sandals to be a few inches less than your usual size. 

You can easily adjust your Chacos with the help of the strap. You want to ensure that your sandals grip every part of your foot. Use the plastic buckle to adjust the tension of your strap and make sure you are comfortable in them. To loosen your toe loop Chacos, pull on the straps on the outside of your foot that ends close to your big toe. To tighten your Chacos, you will have to pull tightly on all the straps and then push on the buckle to lock it in. 

How to Break in Chacos Fast

You will need to be patient with your Chacos. It takes a few weeks or months for them to be properly broken in. it is normal for you to experience blisters, and pain when breaking in your Chaco sandals. But that is the small price you have to pay. 

If you are still having issues breaking into your new sandals or would like us to explain further on how to break in Chacos fast, you can let us know in the comment section.