How to Choose the Best 18650 Battery for Flashlight

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Lighting is an integral part of your camping experience to avoid staying in total darkness. You can achieve this by using a battery-powered flashlight which uses quality batteries. For instance, Lithium-ion 18650 batteries are ideal for high power devices since they are designed for that purpose.  

Wondering what a 18650 battery is? The name 18650 battery is derived from its size measuring 18mm in diameter by 65mm in length. As such, there are certain things that you should consider to get the best 18650 battery for flashlight. Therefore, this article gives you insight about some of the things to look for.

Benefits of 18650 batteries

The 18650 battery is rechargeable which makes it the perfect choice over other replaceable batteries that should be disposed of once they are flat. This type of battery has a longer life span of around two to three years which helps you to save money in the long run. When the battery is low, you can recharge it. 

The 18650 Lithium-ion batteries are also versatile in that you can also use them on other portable devices apart from flashlights. These gadgets include cameras, fitness gadgets as well as baby monitors among others. The battery offers best performance that can satisfy all your needs.  

The batteries are specially designed such that they do not damage the gadget as long as they are properly used. The other plus is that the 18650 battery is strong and it is not susceptible to damage while you are charging it like the case of other batteries. 

The other benefit of 18650 rechargeable batteries is that they have higher capacity which means that they can store more energy. For example, the battery offers a capacity range of about 1800mAh to around 3500mAh as well as an output of 3.7 volts. The usable time of a battery with higher capacity is also longer.  

How to Choose the Best 18650 Battery?

There are different things that you should consider before buying the 18650 battery for your flashlight. The following factors can be helpful in helping you to choose the best battery.  

Protected vs Unprotected Batteries

You will realize that there is an option of protected or unprotected 18650 Li-ion batteries when you are shopping for one. As the name suggests, protected cells, the battery has a small in-built circuit which helps to protect it against issues such as extreme temperatures, short-circuiting as well as excessive charging or discharging. All these issues can damage the battery so the circuit is designed to prevent it against leaking or explosion.  

How to choose the best 18650 battery for flashlight

On the other hand, unprotected battery is generally cheaper because it has no in-built electrical circuit that helps to protect against short circuits, excessive discharging as well as extreme temperatures. The battery can explode if it overheats or it can damage your gadget.

You should take specific precautions if you decide to buy an unprotected battery like not leaving it on charge for a long period. You should also make sure that the device you will be using the battery for does not draw a lot of power to prevent it from leaking or exploding. Therefore, a protected battery is a better option.

Continuous Discharge Rating (CDR)

It is vital to consider the continuous discharge rating (CDR) of the 1865 battery which is also known as the amperage capacity. CDR refers to the rate at which the current that is measured in amps is drawn from the battery without overheating.  

To get the right battery, you should match the battery’s CDR with the rate of power draw of your device. Picking the wrong battery can result in overheating of cells which can lead to damage or reduction of the lifespan of the battery. Overheating can also lead to explosion, leakage and ultimately damage your battery.

How to choose the best 18650 battery for flashlight

The good part is that CDR(A) and battery capacity (mAh) have a direct relation implying that when capacity is higher, CDR is lower. Thus, devices that use less power stand to benefit from higher capacity cells. 

Flat Top vs. Button Top

You can also check for two slight variations in the size of the battery pertaining to flat top and button top with regards to positive contacts.  Button tops protrude a bit while the flat ones flush with the contact of the device. Both batteries can work on your device but it is important to check the right type for your flashlight. 

You can check the original batteries that came with the device to be sure about the product that you intend to buy. Alternatively, you can contact the manufacturer or refer to the manual of the flashlight so that you buy the correct battery. 

How to Detect Fake 18650 Batteries?

There are some unscrupulous manufacturers with a tendency of buying cheap 18650 batteries then rewrapping them as original ones and sell them on the market. These people usually exaggerate the capacity as well as the currents of the batteries. 

To avoid falling into this trap, you must closely check if the wrap on the battery is original. You can compare it with the one on the old but original battery removed from your flashlight. You can also test the battery to check if it meets the capacity of the original one. 

The other important aspect is to check the brand of the battery and test it to see if it meets the standards of the original ones. Reputable manufacturers like LG test their batteries for efficiency and they discard the bad ones. If you see that the battery is below standard, you should be careful otherwise you may buy a fake one. 

You should also be wary of cheaper batteries since there are high chances that they may be fake. Reputable brands usually offer products at higher prices compared to other fake batteries. Lower prices can fit your budget but you should be mindful that you may be sacrificing your hard-earned cash.   

18650 Battery Charger

Getting the best 18650 battery is not complete without considering the element of having the right charger for the battery. There are modern chargers for 18650 batteries and these are intelligent since they can sense the type of battery, condition as well as its condition. 

How to choose the best 18650 battery for flashlight

Intelligent chargers can be used on a variety of batteries and you should consider things like the number of slots. To ensure the safety of your battery, you must check the accepted size as well as aspects like charging modes and currents, full discharge. 

Review of the Best 18650 Batteries

The following are some of the best batteries that you can consider for your flashlight. However, you must remember that your ultimate choice is a matter of personal preference. 


The two ORBTRONIC rechargeable 3.7V button top Li-ion batteries are powerful and they are designed for high performance. The batteries are designed for LED flashlights only and they have a safety electronic protection circuit. They also boast of dual protection 10Amp which guarantees you long use.  

How to Choose the Best 18650 Battery for Flashlight


  • High performance
  • Carry case included
  • Dual protection 10 Amp
  • Long battery runtime


  • The batteries are expensive

IMREN 3000mAh 20A Flat Top Battery

Before using the batteries, you must fully charge them first using a proper battery charger. You should avoid using a USB charging adapter since this can affect the batteries. However, the flat top batteries are unprotected.

Pros How to Choose the Best 18650 Battery for Flashlight

  • High capacity
  • Each order has four batteries
  • Affordable


  • High drain
  • Unprotected type of battery


SONY VTC6, 3000mAh

SONY VTC6 18650 battery for flashlight has a capacity of 30 A and a voltage of 3.7. The battery has a flat top.  Each order comes with 4 units which give you an advantage of long use. Flashlights usually use two batteries at a time. 

How to Choose the Best 18650 Battery for Flashlight


  • Long life
  • High capacity
  • 4 batteries per order


  • Battery has risk of flame
  • Not designed for vaping 


LG HG2 3000 mAh 20A Battery 

The LGH2 3000 mAh 20A holds charge well and it is comparatively better compared to other batteries. The two-piece unit comes with an energetic battery organizer and it is safe to use on your device. 

How to Choose the Best 18650 Battery for Flashlight


  • Good performance
  • Affordable 


  • Bit lower capacity



LED Rechargeable 7000 Lumens Headlamp Flashlight

The rechargeable 9800mAh battery offers high capacity performance and it gives you long run time with a single charge. The battery is also protected against high temperature which allows you to charge it safely.


  • Long-lasting battery run time
  • Affordable
  • High capacity

How to Choose the Best 18650 Battery for Flashlight


The Lithium-ion 18650 batteries are suitable for flashlights since they have a higher capacity to store power which can help you to enjoy your camping experience. On top of that, the batteries are rechargeable and you can use them for a long period. 

From the reviewed 18650 batteries for flashlights, ORBTRONIC 3500mAh ORB3500P is the best choice by virtue of its high performance. The batteries are also designed for LED flashlights and they have higher capacity than other similar products. The batteries also give you long run time and they have a safety electronic protection circuit. All the same, you can make your personal choice from other alternatives available on the market.