How to Dissolve Toilet Paper in RV?

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A recreational vehicle (RV) is your second home when camping and it is designed to improve your outdoor experience. You can enjoy facilities like a bathroom and toilet that you cannot get in another temporary shelter like camping tents. However, your RV toilet can be disgusting if it gets clogged with toilet paper.  

When you encounter such a scenario, dissolving the toilet paper would be the most viable option that can help you solve the problem. Therefore, to fully understand how to dissolve toilet paper in RV, there are different things that you are supposed to do. This article enlightens you about the steps that you can take to dissolve the paper.  

When is it Necessary to Dissolve Toilet Paper in Your RV?

The toilet paper used in RVs is special and it can easily dissolve in the black tank which acts as the septic tank in our homes. However, the toilet paper might not completely dissolve which can lead to build up together with poop which will end up clogging your system. 

The first thing that can help you realize that your toilet is clogged with paper is the disgusting smell that usually permeates your RV. You may not be able to see anything that shows the problem but the odor is a clear indication of something bad.

How to dissolve toilet paper in RV

If your hose adapter is clear, you may be able to see if there is anything that is coming out of the tank. You can also listen to any sound of movement in your tank when you flush to identify if you have a problem. Before you attempt to dissolve the clogged toilet paper in the RV sewer system, you must know the causes of the problem to be able to prevent it in the future.

Why do RV Toilets Get Clogged?  

The problem of clogged toilets as a result of paper can be a result of the valve that may not be working properly. The valve may be leaking which leads to solidifying of poop together with toilet paper and this will cause build-up along with the sewer system. 

The buildup of toilet paper and poop is known as pyramid plug and it builds from the bottom of the black water tank. Some people may want to believe that a clogged RV toilet is caused by the wastewater tank when it is completely full but a pyramid of waste is the major cause. 

How to Dissolve Toilet Paper in RV?

To dissolve toilet paper in your RV, you can use waste digester which helps to liquefy both tissue paper and poop. The chemical contains some properties that are designed to break down solid material into a liquid state for easy disposal, unlike waste that is still in its solid-state. 

You can add the chemical to the black tank and it will dissolve the solid waste to prevent clogging of the toilet. Once the paper has been dissolved, there would be no more chances of build in the black tank.   

The other method that you can use to dissolve toilet paper involves Unique Holding Tank Cleaner. You pour the enter bottle of this substance into the toilet and as it moves down to the tank, it dissolves the paper. However, in order for the chemical to be effective, leave it to sit in the tank for about 12 hours after adding it. 

You can even consider leaving the unique holding tank cleaner for more than twelve hours so that it completely breaks down and liquefies all the solid material. The chemical cleaner is very effective and it dissolves all solid materials that may clog your toilet.    

It is easier to dispose of waste material in liquid state than in solid form. When you are satisfied that all the waste material has been dissolved, empty the black tank by opening its valve and the waste material will flow out. When the tank is empty, you can then use tank rinser to do some thorough cleaning of its interior. Run the rinser for about 20 minutes then empty the tank. 

How to Prevent Clogging of Paper?

To prevent this problem, it is imperative to keep your valve closed during the normal operation of your RV toilet. This helps to allow liquid waste together with solid waste to accumulate in the tank. This also helps the waste to dissolve.  Keeping the valve open can lead to an accumulation of solid waste because the black tank has a flat bottom so it cannot easily flow to the sewer. 

To prevent the problem, you can also use plenty of water with each flush which helps to dissolve the solid waste that includes toilet paper and poop. You must know that the sewer system in your RV is different from that in your home. Unless you open the valve on the black tank, both liquid and solid material will remain inside. 

How to dissolve toilet paper in RV

Therefore, using plenty of water will enhance the liquefaction of toilet paper and it will also submerge the waste to speed up the process. You must not allow a situation where the waste materials will build up inside the black tank due to limited water. 

The following factors can also help you to prevent clogging of solid material like toilet paper.

  • You should always keep your tank close unless you want to empty it. 
  • When flushing, make sure you use plenty of water 
  • Empty your tank regularly
  • Perform regular deep cleaning of the tank
  • You should also use safe cleaning methods and tools
  • Rinse your hoses after emptying the waste matter
  • Avoid using thick paper that does not biodegrade easily 


A recreational vehicle is ideal for camping because it gives you bathroom facilities which help improve your camping experience. However, you can experience the problem of clogged toilet due to the accumulation of paper and poop that may not dissolve on time. 

To dissolve toilet paper, you can use either waste digester or unique Holding Tank Cleaner. These chemicals dissolve toilet paper and other solid waste into a liquid state. Apart from dissolving toilet paper, you should also take measures to maintain it in good condition.