How to Choose the Best Portable Air Conditioners for Tents?

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Camping in summer is very exciting since the temperatures are favorable. However, the weather can be very hot which makes relaxing inside your tent uncomfortable. To solve this challenge, there are certain best portable air conditioners for tents that you can buy. 

There are different types of air conditioners in the market and these are designed to suit the needs of different users. As such, this guide highlights some of the factors that you can consider to get the best air conditioner for your tent. Other types of air conditioners for tents are also reviewed in this guide. 

Buying Guide for the Best Portable Air Conditioner 

When you visit a campsite that has electricity, then there are many cooling options available. However, in the event that there is no power, then you can try battery-operated appliances that are designed to cool your tent when the temperature goes haywire. 

The portable tent air conditioner can make a big difference when it is hot and the option is cost-effective. The following factors can help you choose the ideal air conditioner for your tent so that you can enjoy your camping experience during hot summer days

How to Choose the Best Portable Air Conditioners for Tents?

Tent Size

The size of your tent is the major thing that should determine the type of air conditioner that you can buy. There are different portable AC units with the capacity of cooling tents with room size of about 50 sq. ft. to 250 sq. ft. An AC unit with 5000 BTU rating is required to keep a tent with size of 150 sq. ft. cool. 

Any BTU rating that is less than 5000 may not cool your tent enough for the night. Therefore, if your tent is bigger, you should also try to get a correspondingly larger AC unit. On the other hand, if your tent is small, you can look for an air conditioner with lower BTU rating. 

Battery Power

When buying a battery-powered unit, you must consider its runtime so that you get the best product. Portable AC units use 12-volt batteries and they have a battery life of about 10 hours for 40 W. such units can maintain the temperature inside your tent below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. 

However, other models can only cool your tent for about one hour only and run out of power. You would not cherish a situation where you stay the whole night awake and sweating because your portable Ac has run out of battery. You should make sure that you get a product that can run for at least 10 hours so that you can rest peacefully. 

How to Choose the Best Portable Air Conditioners for Tents?


As the name suggests, a portable air conditioner should be small enough for easy carrying. When camping, you do not need to overburden yourself with a heavy load that can end up giving you more problems. It is important to ensure that the AC unit is not so heavy such that you can even hang it from the ceiling or your tent. A smaller unit is also advantageous in that it is easier to pack and you can easily carry it to different places.

You must also check if the AC unit is easy to install or to pull down from your tent. It is important to avoid complicated products so that you do not waste your precious time trying to set them. You must also check the extras that your AC unit comes with such as remote control and other accessories.   

Other portable units can be mounted on the window and these have many benefits since they can easily exhaust the air outside. When an AC is running, it emits some gases and these should be exhausted outside so that they do not affect you inside. While the unit can be difficult to mount, it is ideal for large tents.   

Price of the Portable AC Unit

Whenever you decide to buy any product, you must consider its price. Some products are cheaper while others are expensive. There is a general belief among different people that cheaper products are of poor quality but a higher price does not automatically guarantee high quality. 

Therefore, you should use your budget to get something that you can afford not to force matters. It is also crucial to look for other customer reviews to get an insight into what other people say about the product. People who have firsthand experience are likely to give insightful reviews since they have knowledge about its performance. You can obtain these reviews from reputable sites like Amazon. 

How to Choose the Best Portable Air Conditioners for Tents?

You must also make an effort to identify different features of other portable AC units. Some brands are reputable than others so you must try to make an effort to establish the major differences in different types of air conditioners for tents.   

Frigidaire FFRE0533S1

The Frigidaire 5, 000 BTU 115V portable window-mounted air conditioner is ideal for cooling a room of about 150 square feet. During hot days, it can quickly cool the room and it is compact. It offers quiet operation such that it cools you without disturbing your sleep. 

The portable air conditioner also boasts of low power start-up and it can conserve energy while at the same time saving you money.  It also has ready select controls that allow you to set the speed to the desired level and it also has temperature displays. 

How to Choose the Best Portable Air Conditioners for Tents?

The air conditioner comes with a full remote control that allows you to operate it in the comfort of your bed. You can also direct the air in any desired direction. The other important feature is the washable mesh filter that helps to reduce bacteria as well as room odors and other airborne particles for a comfortable environment. 


  • Conserves little energy and saves money
  • 5,000 BTU for window-mounted installation
  • Dehumidification
  • Quickly cools a room up to 150 sq. Ft
  • Full function remote control


  • Portable AC is expensive

Ontel Arctic Ultra Evaporative Portable Air Conditioner

Arctic air Ultra is a personal space cooler that helps to transform hot areas into refreshing spaces. In humidifies and purifies any space with its hydro-chill technology that helps to pull hot air in the room using its evaporative air cooling filter then instantly turn it into refreshing air.

How to Choose the Best Portable Air Conditioners for Tents?

The device is easy to operate since it requires you to add water to the top fill water tank then press the on button and enjoy a refreshing environment. Arctic air Ultra has a run time of up to 10 hours. It is also portable and boasts of customizable fan speeds that you can adjust to the level you want for maximum cooling effect. Arctic air Ultra is energy efficient and it gives you a peaceful sleep since it does not make any noise. 


  • Quiet operation
  • Longer runtime
  • Reliable
  • Affordable 
  • Adjustable direction of air


  • May not be able to cool large spaces 

JHS 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

JHS 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner is your perfect choice if you want to enjoy comfortable cooling. It features 10,000 BTU fast cooling capacity and it can cover an area of about 300 sq. ft. and you can use it in different places that include tent, office, garage, bedroom or kitchen among others. 

The portable AC also has two speed fan and a dehumidifier that can keep your room dry and cool. The gadget is also portable and easy to carry and it does not have a permanent installation. It takes about 5-10 minutes to install the portable AC which comes with a window kit and exhaust hose.  

How to Choose the Best Portable Air Conditioners for Tents?

It is also convenient to use and it is programmable.  It also features a remote control which makes it easy to operate from different places.  The other notable aspect is the LED digital display panel that makes it easy to adjust settings. 


  • User-friendly
  • Portable 
  • Easy installation
  • Noiseless operation


  • Very expensive 

EdgeStar AP14003W Portable Air Conditioner

The portable AC consists of 14,000 and it can cool up to 525 Square Feet but this depends on the load of heat. It uses evaporative technology to cool your tent. It also comes with electronic controls which help to adjust temperature remotely together with LED display. 

How to Choose the Best Portable Air Conditioners for Tents?


  • Features dehumidifier
  • It has remote control
  • Can room of up to 500 sq. Ft


  • The AC is expensive

hOmeLabs 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner 

This portable, energy efficient and quiet AC can perfectly cool a room of about 550 to 700 square feet. The AC is easy to install and the process takes less than 10 minutes. There is no heavy window to lift during the installation process. The gadget also features a dehumidifier which helps to cool the room while at the same time keeping it dry. 

How to Choose the Best Portable Air Conditioners for Tents?


  • Quite AC
  • Remote control and washable filter
  • Energy efficient
  • Lightweight 


  • Expensive 


With regard to price and performance, Ontel Arctic Ultra Evaporative Portable Air Conditioner is the best gadget that can give you value for money while at the same time satisfying your needs. The portable AC is lightweight and it is user-friendly such that you can use it in different environments. However, this is just an eye opener since there are different types of portable air conditioners for tents with various specifications and features. Do your homework first so that you can get the right product.