Ozark Trail 10-person Vacation Tent with Built-in Mud Mat Review

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If you are going for camping as a group or family, you need a large tent that can accommodate all members. If the group has ten people, then the Ozark trail 10-person 3-room vacation tent with built-in mud mat can suit your needs. This tent will help you to share the warmth and experiences of the adventure.   

What You Should Know About the Product

The tent is ideal for family or group camping where all the members can share only one large temporary shelter. The product is also convenient in that the whole group will only require a single tent instead of carrying many items. 

It is cheaper to buy as well as to manage a single item instead of many tents that play the same role. However, if you are traveling in a group of less than five people, it is not wise to buy this product that is designed for 10 people. If you are going for camping alone, you need to get an appropriate tent.      

There are also other things that you should know about the Ozark Trail 3- Room Tent. You should know that the product has some chemicals that may be detrimental to your health. In the State of California, these chemicals are believed to cause conditions like cancer and they can also affect the reproductive system.

About Ozark

This tent has large space and it sleeps 10 people which make it ideal for group camping. The total floor square of the tent is 184 square feet. If you are camping as a family, then you can share your warmth under the same tent. 

The tent can also fit 3 queen air mattresses and it has a removable divider that is designed to offer privacy to the campers sleeping. The divider can make three rooms and it also comes with a canopy.  The canopy is meant for protecting the entrance and the mud mat is for trapping dust. 

 The tent also has interior pockets that you can use as storage of small items. The tent also has a media center and it has an electrical port that you can use for charging your gadgets. The ventilation system of the tent is enhanced by large windows which also have zippers.  

Ozark Trail 10-person Vacation Tent with Built-in Mud Mat Review

Product Features and Benefits 

The major feature of the Ozark Trail 3-Room 10-Person Vacation Tent is its large floor space which measures 184 square feet. The tent gives you ample room for your camping gear together with family. You can pack all your stuff inside the tent which also sleeps around 10 people. 

The tent also has 78-inch center height and it is ideal for tall people who can freely walk inside. The other notable aspect about the tent is that it can fit three queen size air mattresses meaning that you can sleep comfortably.

The tent also features three rooms that can be created using removable dividers to provide privacy and flexibility. The parents need privacy just like the kids who also want their time out of constant parental watch. The rooms can also provide warmth to the campers inside when it is cold since they limit the movement of air. 

The tent also has mesh roof that is designed to provide excellent ventilation. It also has inside zip windows for ventilation. The canopy of the tent and the built-in front mud mat are designed to offer protection against bad weather as well as to help keep the interior clean. You can zip the canopy for privacy.

The tent weights about 30 pounds and it may be too heavy for backpacking. However, it comes with a carry bag for easy handling. The weight of the tent is increased by the pre-attached poles and other accessories. 


There are also alternatives to the above product that you can also try. These alternative products are also designed to accommodate many people, up to 10 or more. However, the prices of these products compared to Ozark 3 Room Trail significantly differ and they are subject to change any time. 

CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent 

This tent sleeps 9 people and it can fit up to three queen size air mattresses just like the above tent. It’s center height is 72″ and it is slightly lower than the above product. The other notable aspect about this product is that it has Core H20 block technology for weather protection and it also has adjustable ground vent. The tent comes with access port for electrical power and it is made of water-resistant material.  

Ozark Trail 10-person Vacation Tent with Built-in Mud Mat Review

CORE 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent 

This tent can sleep 10 people and it can also fit two queen air mattresses. The center height of the tent is 86″ which makes it the tallest among other products reviewed above. The tent has front and back access doors and it also comes with a removable divider that can create two rooms.

The tent also has hook pockets to organize your items. The tent also has other features like block technology designed for bad weather. 

Ozark Trail 10-person Vacation Tent with Built-in Mud Mat Review

CORE Two Room 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Side Entrance 

The major notable aspect about this tent relates to its instant set up which takes about two minutes only. The tent has a unique design and it consists of ten supporting frames which are pre-attached. 

The ventilation system of the tent is advanced and it can draw cool air from the ground while also using mesh ceiling to improve aeration. The tent has two entryways and it also has a full panel side D-door. It also has a divider that can separate sleeping and living spaces. It has a carry bag that comes with other accessories. 

Ozark Trail 10-person Vacation Tent with Built-in Mud Mat Review


When you are going for camping as a group or family, you need a large tent. In this case, the Ozark Trail 10 person 3-room vacation tent is designed to satisfy the needs of many people. It sleeps ten people and it also has three removable internal rooms to offer privacy to the campers.