Review of Coleman 6-person 10′ x 9′ instant cabin family camping tent

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Camping is a wonderful experience but you need the right equipment and accessories to enjoy the adventure. If you are going for camping as a family, then the Coleman 6-person 10’ x 9’ instant cabin family camping tent can be perfect for you. In this post, you will get information about the key features of this product. 

What Are the Things that You Should Consider?

If you want to buy the Coleman 6-person 10’ x 9’ instant family camping tent, there are many things that should determine your decision. If you are camping as a group or family, then the size of the tent is the basic thing that you should consider. This tent is large enough to accommodate six people meaning that you can consider a larger one when you are than that. 

Review of Coleman 6-person 10' x 9' instant cabin family camping tent

It is also important to consider the material of the tent to ensure that it is appropriate for the environment in your destination. Durable material is good but you also need to check if it suits the climate. You should also check if the tent is portable in case.  

When you are going for camping, you want to enjoy every moment so the tent should be easy to setup. The other significant thing to consider relates to the price of the tent. If the product has unique features, then you should not hesitate to try it.    

About 6-Person 10’ x 9’ Instant Family Camping Tent

The product is designed to improve your camping experience in many ways. The tent comes with pre-attached poles that make it simple to extent and secure. The setup process of the tent is quick and it can be done by one person. Within 60 seconds, your tent is ready for use.

In the same vein, the tent is also designed in such a way that it is easy to pull down. It can be frustrating to struggle with pulling down your camping tent when you want to leave the campsite. The product gives you peace of mind since it is also easy to pack.  

Review of Coleman 6-person 10' x 9' instant cabin family camping tent

The other thing that should of interest about the tent is that it is made of durable material and it also consists of large windows with zippers. The material is rugged and it is designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions that may prevail in different places.  

You can also buy an integrated rainfly which also set automatically during the period you are setting the tent. The tent keeps the water out and it is also designed to give the campers sufficient ventilation during hot seasons like summer. 

Features and benefits of the Coleman 6 Instant Cabin 

The tent has many features and benefits that are designed to improve your camping experience. Some of these include the following aspects. 

  • The tent instantly sets up and in just about a minute, it is ready for use. 
  • The instant tent is also spacious and it has sufficient room for 2 queen size airbeds 
  • The tent is made of Rugged Polyguard 2X double fabric which is durable thick and designed to last longer. The tent also has 
  • The product comes with an integrated rainfly which is designed to improve airflow. There is no extra assembling required for this additional feature. 
  • The product consists of a WeatherTec system that helps to protect you against bad weather. The inverted seams and patented welded floors are also beneficial since they help to water out of the tent so that you do not get soaked when it rains.
  • The product weighs about 28 pounds and you may need a car closer to your campsite. The weight of the product can be attributed to pre-attached accessories like poles which can make it difficult to use it when you are backpacking. However, it comes with a carry bag that makes it easy to handle.  
  • The tent also has two storage pockets that can help you to organize your camping gear
  • The tent has an area that measures 10 x 9 feet and 6-foot center height. The interior of the tent is ideal for tall people since they can walk inside the tent, unlike other products that do not permit that.  

Alternatives of Coleman 6 Instant Tent

There are also other products that you can get from the market that can act as alternatives to the above-mentioned product. You can check some of the following items to get insight about what the market offers.

Eureka Sunrise EX 6 Tent

This product is designed for six people just like the Coleman 6 Instant Tent. If you are going for camping as a group, then you can check the features of this product. The other important aspect about Eureka Sunrise EX 6 Tent but consists of 63 D walls which are lighter than Coleman 6.

Review of Coleman 6-person 10' x 9' instant cabin family camping tent

Nemo Wagontop 6   

The other product that can be an alternative of Coleman 6 Instant Family Tent is the Nemo Wagontop 6. It is designed for six people but it consists of 75 D walls which makes it slightly different from Coleman 6. 

Review of Coleman 6-person 10' x 9' instant cabin family camping tent

Ozark Trail 6 Instant Cabin

This is the other product that can act as an alternative to Coleman 6 Instant Tent and it is designed for six people. The product comes with an LED light and it also has other features like good ventilation.  

Review of Coleman 6-person 10' x 9' instant cabin family camping tent


When you intend to go for camping as a group, then you need a bigger tent that can accommodate all campers. Coleman 6 person 10’ x 9’ family camping tent can significantly solve the issue of shelter when you are camping. The product is made of durable quality and its setup is instant. You can use this article to gain insight about this particular product.