What is a Tent Footprint? Do I Really Need a Footprint for My Tent? 

What is a Tent Footprint Do I Really Need One for My Tent

If you are wondering why new tent footprints might be a good investment for the camping season, then you are in the right place. We will be discussing why do you need a tent footprint. There are a lot of things you need to pack with you on a camping trip. One of such important … Read more

Tent Footprint Vs Tarp: Which One Is Better?

Tent footprint vs tarp Which one is better

A tent is very important when going camping since this would be your temporary shelter. Buying a tent is a very good investment and you should choose wisely, so you can get long-lasting equipment. You can protect your tent against undesired elements using either footprint or tarp. These components help to protect you inside the tent … Read more

Embark Camping Tents and Outdoor Relaxation

Embark Camping Tents and Outdoor Relaxation

There are a lot of things that attract us to the great outdoors. For some, it’s for the desire of adventure while for others it could be to get closer to Mother Nature. It doesn’t matter if you are going hiking or camping out in the woods, there are a lot of equipment you will … Read more