Fun Campfire Games For Adults To Play

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Do you enjoy fun campfire games for adults? It’s not easy to organize adults for fun. Therefore, this article will give you many different fun campfire games for adults to consider.

Fun Campfire Games For Adults

We all know that kids like to sit around the campfire and tell ghost stories but is that a fun campfire game for adults? It might be, but it might also be boring to many in your crowd. So, what are some fun campfire games for adults? Being flexible might be the key to a lot of fun for a group of adults when camping. For instance, charades has always been a big favorite, but your group might be tired of it. What are other camping games for adults?

Games Like Truth Or Dare

Most of us remember the adolescent days of sitting around the campfire playing familiar games. Can we bring any of those games into the adult world? For instance, games like truth or dare can be spiced up for adults to play and enjoy. Truth or Dare is just one way of playing fun campfire games for adults.

Fun Campfire Games For Adults

How are you going to spruce it up for the adults? Make the dares more risky or sexy than the kid’s game. Games like truth or dare are always a big hit if you spruce up the dares. For instance, maybe a dare is to kiss the person straight across from you no matter who that is. It could be your partner or your best friend’s partner. It could be the first same-sex kiss of your life.

Looking for something less sexy or less likely to get you in trouble? There are plenty of these types of dares as well. For instance, let the person to your left choose your Facebook profile picture for the next hour. Close your eyes and type a text. Send it to someone in your group. There are all kinds of things you can do to make games like truth or dare suitable for adults.

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Drinking Games Are Funny

If your crowd is going to have a few drinks around the campfire then why not play a few drinking games that are funny camping games for adults? Are you familiar with “Never Have I Ever”? You can spice that one up in the same way as games like truth or dare. Fun campfire games for adults might include Pictionary, for instance. Add a drink every time someone guesses wrong.

Here are a few drinking games and camping games for that you might not think about. Have you ever heard of The Bowl Game? This is a silly game that will be a lot of fun drinking or not. You’ll need a bowl from your camping equipment and pens and paper. Each person writes a word, place, or name on five tiny pieces of paper and you put these in the bowl. The best thing would be to add ideas or things that are private to this group of people.

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Fun Campfire Games For Adults To Play

Your group should be in teams like when playing Charades. Each team has a minute to guess what is on your piece of paper. Give a point for each correct answer or a drink for each wrong one. You can’t use the words on the paper either. If your paper says “fell into the river naked” the opposition team cannot use any of those words. They can’t say “fell into the water without clothes”. They would have to say something like “landed in the water without clothes”

Other Camping Games For Adults

Looking for other camping games for adults? How about role-playing? Does this constitute a  playing fun campfire game for adults? Here’s one version I have played around the campfire in a woods-like setting. Pick a storyteller while everyone else sits in a circle with their eyes closed. The storyteller needs to be imaginative and able to make it up at they go along. Decide the theme of the story without telling anyone. He starts the story – say about vampires. As he tells the story he might pick a person to be a vampire. Everyone else still had their eyes closed. The vampire might attack someone in the group, scaring the entire group. If the storyteller taps you on the shoulder, open your eyes and do what the storyteller says.

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Detective is another Fun Campfire Game for Adults

This is one of my favorites. Kind of a campfire version of Clue. Again, you need a very good storyteller. The story will be about a murder and all the members of the group will be investigators, but one will be the murderer. That person won’t know they are the murderer though. Only the storyteller will. Once the storyteller reaches the part where the body is discovered, the investigators take over. At the beginning of the game, everyone was secretly given their own story of their movements in the past 24 hours. Each person can embellish these as they wish. Each person was also given a murder weapon.

Everyone is also an investigator remember. So now the investigators get to ask questions of each other and like in Clue to win you must name the killer and the murder weapons. For instance, Mike is the murder with a spear through the heart. Both of these storytelling games can last a whole evening depending on the size of your group and the elaborateness of your story.

Detective is another Fun Campfire Game for Adults

Playing Fun Campfire Games For Adults

Use your imagination or the imagination of the group and you will find there is a multitude of camping games for adults. Here’s a couple more:

  • Which would you rather- give the person the option of choosing between say going skinny dipping in the lake or telling the group their worst nightmare?
  • Two truths and a Lie – each person shares two truths and a lie about themselves. The group has to decide what is the lie.

So there you have it. Many ways of playing fun campfire games for adults.