Teva Vs Chaco Vs Keen

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Teva vs Chaco vs Keen is a challenge among some of the best-made sandals available today. Which ones are good for hiking? Which ones are good for water hiking? What factors are used to make these judgments? This article will lay out the pros and cons for each brand and especially for hiking.

What Are Water Hiking Sandals

When it’s too hot for boots or even athletic shoes, water hiking sandals are the answer. They are designed to be comfortable, cool, and breathable. They are open-ended, lightweight, and easily packed in your duffle or backpack. No matter the brand, if you’re hiking on dusty trails in hot weather you want water hiking sandals.

When you come to that small creek you need to cross, nothing to worry about. For instance, if you have water hiking sandals just plunge right in. Finally, they have solid thick soles and the support and comfort you need when hiking.

What Are Water Hiking Sandals

Teva Vs Chaco Vs Keen – The Pros And Cons

There are plenty of water hiking sandals out there, but we are just going to look at three of the best.

What are the pros and cons of each brand of sandals in this competition? Only by examining these will we get an answer to who wins Teva vs Chaco vs Keen. Sandals for hiking need to be durable and waterproof.

Teva Pros And Cons

First, we will look at the Teva brand – tough, resilient, comfortable. What makes Teva a goo water hiking sandal? The answer is the many features the sandal offers. For instance, the Teva water hiking sandal has the following benefits:

  • The midsole is made of EVA/PU for comfort and support.
  • The sandal is made with a sustainable leather.
  • The testing is top quality.
  • Warm PFC-free hydrophobic mesh lining for dryness and warmth.
  • Patented toe protection.
  • No open toes in Teva.
  • Antibacterial and odorless.
  • Half Sizes available.
  • The fit with Teva is better than the others.

Teva Vs Chaco Vs Keen

Chaco Pros And Cons

Are Chaco’s good for hiking? You can be sure that they are.

  • The adjustable double straps made of polyester make for a better fit.
  • They are durable with high-tensile webbing in the heel risers.
  • The toe Loop in the Chaco provides extra forefoot control.
  • LUVSEAT PU midsole.
  • True to size.
  • $100 basic price
  • Lacing system increase the quality of the fit.
  • Mer atomical EVA footbed.
  • Washable, water-resistant.

Teva Vs Chaco Vs Keen

Keen Pros And Cons

  • Keen features similar adjustable straps.
  • They feature water-resistant hydrophobic mesh in the liners.
  • The sandals are durable, washable, and odor resistant.
  • The Keen lacing system allows for a better fit.
  • Met atomical EVA footbed and midsole.
  • Outstanding arch support not mentioned in the other two brands.
  • The Keen brand of water hiking sandals is full of footwear that is versatile and comfortable all day.
  • Great traction when hiking or in water.
  • The Keen price is the lowest of the three brands.

Teva Vs Chaco Vs Keen

Are Chacos Good For Hiking

Are Chaco’s good for hiking? As one of the top three brands in this field, yes they are. They are secure, comfortable with adequate sole for the trek. They are waterproof and with both buckles and webbing to hold them securely in place.

Unlike other brands, the buckle is chosen instead of Velcro because it gives a tighter fit. Therefore, when you are wearing Chaco’s, the fit is almost tailored to your foot. Durability goes down in the cooler weather but not yours if you are wearing Chaco’s. Chaco’s might be a little heavier and bulkier than Teva, but they make up for it in durability.

We know that Chacos sandals are good for hiking and outdoor activities because they were developed for just that. When Mark Paigen developed the company and sandals in 1989, he wanted outdoor shoes that could stand the water. Paigen was a guide for fly-fishing and rafting in Colorado. Therefore, he developed the sandals for himself.

The symbol of the company is a Gecko. This is because the gecko can live both on land or in water. Paigen developed his sandals to do the same. For instance, in his sandals, Paigen could climb the cliffs in Colorado or stand in the streams to fish.

In keeping with his love of nature and his commitment to end global warming, the Chaco sandal, and all Chaco shoes, can be repaired. Therefore they do not end up rotting in landfills.

What Makes Chacos The Best For Hiking

Chaco’s were some of the best sandals when they were developed in 1989 and they have not changed. Therefore, Chacos are one of the best water hiking sandals. Always made of great materials these have only gotten better through the years.

Better Than Chacos

So are there water hiking sandals that are better than Chaco? Who wins the Teva vs Chaco vs Keen competition? In the end, it is a matter of opinion and what you are looking for the most. Is the fit your most important feature? Do you need a closed-toe sandal? The answers to these questions will determine which of the three brands you think is the best. Does price dictate your response? We know all three of these brands are great water hiking sandals. If price is important choose Keen. If grip and traction are important to you then either Chaco or Teva might be your choice. In some ways, there is no water hiking product that is better than Chaco. On the other hand, you could choose Teva or Keen over Chaco.

Better Than Chacos

Conclusion – Teva Vs Chaco Vs Keen

In researching this topic, I have found that there are professionals who would each choose a different one of these brands as best. The competition between these brands is real and it is intense. Of all the folks out there hiking or playing in these types of shoes, you will find most choosing Keen.

How much this has to do with price, it is not clear. There is a big difference between the Keen starting price of less than $70 and the others. For instance, Chaco and Teva run from $75 to $150.