The Best Portable Air Conditioning Units For Campers

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Whether you live in an RV or you’re traveling in it, you would need a portable air conditioner. RVs are the best when it comes to going on a camping trip but you need to check income essentials. Spending summer in a camper is quite nice but it gets unpleasant with the heat. There are several ways to get rid of the heat while in an RV. One of them is using a portable air conditioning unit that fits in your camper.

If your RV doesn’t come with a built-in air conditioning unit, then you need to look out for a portable one. These portable air conditioners for camper trailers are very mobile, so you can move them at will. They fit in RVs, offices, garages, and homes. Setting up a portable AC is much easier than a built-in AC. While in your RV, you might need to turn on the engine to cool down the place. But small ACs for campers allow you to enjoy the chill without much stress.

With portable RV air conditioners, you have enough space in your RV. Moving the AC from one place to the other is very comfortable, and you have cool air where you need it. The best part of having a portable AC is that some of them act as a dehumidifier. This is great for those living in RVs with unsuitable conditions. Making decisions on the air conditioner to buy will require knowledge of how the unit work and what it is needed for.

Best Portable Air Conditioning Units For Campers

Buying a small air conditioner for a camper can be difficult, but with the right knowledge, it is smooth. Portable air conditioning units are good investments especially when you buy the right ones. These portable ACs will come to your rescue when summer gets intense. To help you make the right decisions, we have come up with a list of the best portable air conditioning units.

Whynter ARC- 14S 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable

This air conditioner is capable of cooling your area, getting rid of the moist and providing extra air for circulation. Whynter ARC – 14S is the best when it has rigs that come over 40 feet in length. It is capable of cooling and dehumidifying a 500 square feet area. ARC – 14S get rid of 101 pints of water from the air in your RV. Whynter needs to be installed in one of the windows of your RV before it can be powered.

ARC -14S is very eco-friendly and it has two amazing features. The air that passes through uses an activated carbon filter for cleansing. It also utilizes chlorofluorocarbon-free refrigerant to provide cooling.

The Best Portable Air Conditioning Units For Campers

Black Decker BPACT10WT Portable RV Air Conditioner

If you’re looking for an affordable air conditioner that meets up to your budget and performs excellently, use Black Decker. This portable air conditioner is a compact 10,000 BTU unit that cools a space of up to 250 square feet. The cooling power is very strong, and the price is very affordable. You can adjust the fan speed to suit your preference, and use the sleep mode when it’s time for bed.

Three modes come with this air conditioner; the cool setting, a fan setting, and a dehumidifier setting. These modes help you further personalize your air conditioner and minimize electricity consumption.

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JHS 8,000 BTU 3-in-1 Floor Portable AC Unit

Those looking for a portable air conditioner with a good budget can turn to JHS. It comes with high performance and provides excellent air circulation, dehumidifying, and cooling for up to 170 square feet. You can control this air conditioner effortlessly with the wireless remote control. The LED display helps with number confirmation when setting it up.

Some settings involve humidity, mode, speed, timer, and temperature. You also get notified when the water tank is full so you can empty it. A window installation is not needed for this type of air conditioner.

The Best Portable Air Conditioning Units For Campers

Serene Life 12,000 BTU Portable AC

This portable AC removes moisture about 1.8 liters per hour from the air and it stands as a dehumidifier. You can manage the air that flows through RV. The fan speed and temperature settings are managed through the remote control. The AC stands fine on its own, but there is a simple installation technique and a simple exhaust hose.

The Best Portable Air Conditioning Units For Campers


SereneLife 10,000 BTU AC with Dehumidifier 

You can call this one the best match for ultra-modern RVs. SereneLife stands perfectly on its own and it provides 10,000 BTUs of cooling power with the humidifier. The remote control brings as much comfort because you can control the AC from the comfort of your bed or chair. Since it comes with a humidifier, you can be sure that it gets rid of 1.2 liters of moisture per hour. It is capable of cooling an area of up to 300 square feet.

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Amazon Basics 14,000 BTU Portable AC

Staying comfortable is the major feature of this AC because it comes with a remote control. Amazon Basics offers you comfort while you adjust temperatures. Determine any temperature setting you want to, set the fan speed, and the automatic timer. An expandable exhaust hose disperses the hot air and keeps the air fresh in your RV. It is also very lightweight and easy to navigate.

The Best Portable Air Conditioning Units For Campers

Conclusion On Portable Air Conditioning Units For Campers

Having a portable air conditioning unit is one of the necessities for camping especially with RVs. If you live in the RV for so long, then you should consider getting a portable AC for more comfort. These conditioning units are best for those wanting to fix their built-in ACs and those who enjoy mobility. There you have it, hope you enjoyed this article.

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