What To Do If You See A Moose In The Woods

What To Do If You See A Moose In The Woods

What to do if you see a Moose in the woods? Should you run? Should you freeze and just not move? Perhaps it depends on how close the moose is to your campsite or your knowledge of the woods and wildlife. This article will attempt to assist those new to the north how to deal … Read more

Waterproof A Tent and Be Sure It Will Last

Waterproof A Tent and Be Sure It Will Last

Waterproof a tent and make it last is something you can learn to do easily. For instance, there are several different ways you can do this. There is no one perfect way for waterproofing a tent. In fact, there are at least three different ways to do this. How To Waterproof A Tent Here are … Read more

Teva Vs Chaco Vs Keen

Teva Vs Chaco Vs Keen

Teva vs Chaco vs Keen is a challenge among some of the best-made sandals available today. Which ones are good for hiking? Which ones are good for water hiking? What factors are used to make these judgments? This article will lay out the pros and cons for each brand and especially for hiking. What Are … Read more

How Long Can A Water Moccasin Stay Under Water?

How Long Can A Water Moccasin Stay Under Water

How long can a water moccasin stay underwater? That question is the gist of this article. Did you know this snake could hold its breath? Most of us know about water moccasins only by what we have seen in scary movies or shows. However, there is a lot more to the water moccasin than just … Read more

Are Chacos Good for Hiking?

Are Chacos Good for Hiking

Chacos are popular shoes thanks to their comfy builds and practical designs. However, you may wonder, are Chacos good for hiking? Unlike most sandals, Chacos are meant to be comfortable walking shoes. They come in different styles to best suit the needs of different people. Their unique builds are ideal for those who love the … Read more

How Long Do Chacos Last?

How Long Do Chacos Last

Chacos are wonderful shoes to wear when hiking, camping, and every day. They are durable and comfortable, keeping your feet protected while providing great support. So, just how long do Chacos last? They are built to withstand tough conditions, whether you are hiking in a rocky area or through the rain. Since they are sandals, … Read more

What Indicates That Foul Weather Is Approaching?

What indicates that foul weather is approaching

Do you know that foul weather is unpredictable and it can dampen your otherwise wonderful camping adventure? However, there are certainly reliable and common indications that can tell whether a storm is coming or not. Some of these indications can even tell the extent of how bad the storm can be.   Therefore, you must know … Read more